My client applied for the role of Expense Management Support Officer in the tertiary sector, progressed to the job interview stage, was offered and accepted the role. The application involved addressing six selection criteria. Following is a demonstrable example using STAR model from one selection criterion.

Ability to establish and maintain productive working relationships with key stakeholders and clients ensuring service delivery meets key requirements.

Over the last two years, I have dealt exclusively with one representative at XYZ – their dedicated account manager within the accounts payable division. To establish the relationship, I initiated a face-to-face meeting which facilitated free-flowing communication (via phone and email) when I requested assistance, support and information regarding corporate card transactions. I built trust with this stakeholder by adhering to deadline requests, and by demonstrating a high level of competence via relaying in-depth knowledge on relevant policies and procedures. I presented this stakeholder with numerous cases regarding transactional problems on corporate cards; issues I identified as arising from their processes. In these cases, I maintained a non-threatening, non-blaming, professional and respectful etiquette. I paid attention to their opinions regarding the situation and emphasised the importance of receiving card transactions on time in order for me to process and print them correctly. Due to the trust and commitment established with this stakeholder, I received required responses and/or corresponding documentation within a 24-hour period which allowed me to process transactions both accurately and on/before stipulated strict deadlines.

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Annie Cerone