This particular client applied for the role of Service Desk Liaison Officer in a state (Qld) government department. He gained a job interview and gladly accepted the job offer. The application required the preparation of a two-page statement addressing five criteria/competencies as per the Capability Leadership Framework (CLF), which is derived from the Australian Public Service (APS) Integrated Leadership System (ILS). Following is a full example of one of the criteria.

Achieve Results.

When I first joined the IT service desk at DDD, one of our key delivery areas was not meeting its key performance indicators (KPIs). In addition, a number of resolutions at the first contact level were below the target level. To rectify these issues, I formulated a strategy in collaboration with my manager which was centred on restructuring a team of 12 staff members and categorising them into three distinct streams, each with a senior member who was given the mandate to attain the goals, up skill and motivate staff to achieve results, and closely monitor their performance. By using this strategy, we identified key staff that required performance counselling as well as those who were deficient in several of the processes that were being used to meet the targets. In addition, we identified the strengths of each of the 12 staff members. For example, a few of the staff had solid knowledge of the technical material and several were strong in the customer service field. We allocated these staff members to the most relevant stream in order to fully utilise their strengths in these areas. For those with weaknesses or deficiencies, I provided one-on-one individual coaching and mentoring sessions to specifically discuss how they could up skill and advised on the relevant training they could undertake to improve on these areas. In addition, I assigned each of these individuals to spend time with another staff member (where their strength countered the weakness of the individual) for training over a short period. As a result, with the training provided (via me, other staff and other means), the KPIs and resolution rates rose above the Service Level Agreement (SLA) within a three month period.

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Annie Cerone