My client applied for the role of Senior Public Trust Officer in State (QLD) Government and progressed to the interview stage. The application involved addressing five selection criteria on one page. One of the criteria is showcased.

Supports productive working relationships

I determined a new and inexperienced colleague was in need of additional training to enable them to perform at the required competency levels; three weeks had passed, their performance and productivity had not improved. I developed and delivered one-on-one training sessions to help them understand how to complete task work in accordance with procedures. I formulated a tailored plan which outlined steps in a methodical manner; allocated time for training on larger tasks, along with time management training. Every week, I allocated three hours to meet with them to discuss the course of action for the week ahead, identify important matters/tasks, and engage and facilitate a non-threatening environment for them to examine and admit to tasks they had difficulty in understanding and completing. With this time devoted to training and debriefing, after four weeks, they performed all tasks autonomously with minimal supervision, and asked less repetitive questions due to a stronger understanding of procedures to apply in completing tasks.

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