My client applied for the role of Senior Investigator in State (QLD) Government. He was one of five applicants (from a total of 40) shortlisted for an interview. A two-page statement was prepared to address six selection criteria. Following is a full excerpt of one criterion.

An understanding of courtroom etiquette and proceedings.

I have attended court on numerous occasions across four States and Territories and given evidence in different courts, including Civil, Children’s, Magistrates, Coroners, District and Supreme. For courtroom advocates and attendees, etiquette is essential for making a good impression. At all times when attending court, I demonstrated correct etiquette in my mannerisms, speaking, tone, dress, presentation and in not using electronic devices in the court room. Good manners and proper courtroom etiquette could determine whether a judge had a favourable disposition to a case. Furthermore, by demonstrating respectful courtroom etiquette this was a demonstration of my strong ethical conduct. I demonstrated a wide array of appropriate behaviours in and outside of the courtroom, including the time before I entered the court, when I was in the actual court room and addressing the court, and outside of the court room and premises. I am also aware of and have had experience in different court proceedings relating to hearings, committals and trials. Overall, I have robust understanding of the requirements of witness attendance, admissibility of evidence (such as statements being signed and oath acted for hand up), and necessity of having exhibits available depending on the type of proceedings.

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Annie Cerone