My client applied for the role of Project Officer in State (QLD) Government and progressed to the interview stage. The application involved addressing selection criteria across two pages in cover letter format. One of the criteria is showcased.

Technology and Systems.

In one of my previous roles, I provided hands on (technical) support during the implementation and rollout of a new technology. I held discussions with the department’s information technology (IT) team in relation to the creation of a database exchange website to collect annual funding schedules. Specifically, to transition and simplify the department’s existing manual process to one that was streamlined, fully automated and provided a centralised reporting system. I recommended design aspects, tested the system’s functionality for issues and bugs prior to its release, provided solutions to fix these and I helped to develop content. During the testing phase just prior to roll out, a ministerial request for funding in relation to a postcode was received; when tested, the report came up null and void. Further testing revealed this was the case for other postcodes as well. To correct this issue, I created a query to test this and consulted with the IT team to simplify. This led to correct searches going forward. Further, the streamlined new system was commended by both Federal and State Governments; agencies could easily track progress of funding in real-time.

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Annie Cerone