My client applied for the role of Program & Schedule Support Officer in APS Government; in Services Australia, previously named the Department of Human Services (DHS) at that time. A total of 1,400 candidates applied; my client was shortlisted and progressed to the job interview stage. The application involved addressing four selection criteria. A full example from one criterion follows.

Provide an example of a time where you have demonstrated your ability to quickly acquire knowledge of programs, IT systems, legislation and policy or work procedures and processes.

The PPP system was introduced to provide a secure gateway to the XYZ online system and to replace the use of the existing process. To promote this change, senior service officers (SOs) utilised scheduled technical training sessions to deliver training to SOs and provide ongoing support on the PPP system Tier 2 telephone line.

To gain an understanding of the change to deliver training to service delivery SOs nationally in my capacity as a senior SO, I initiated and participated in the PPP system masterclass to learn about the change and its potential impacts on the business and for stakeholders. When I completed the training, I applied the knowledge to search Operational ABC for internal material and scripting to consolidate my learning. I then located PPP system information on the DHS website and familiarised myself with the application forms that were available for use by providers. I also sourced guides and screenshots from training material available in Microsoft SharePoint and used this information to relay to SOs to consolidate their learning.

Researching the available tools and resources enabled me to quickly acquire the knowledge I needed to learn more about the change, which I then applied to deliver training to service delivery staff. Furthermore, as a result of the background and support material I provided to staff, enquiries about the PPP system were often resolved at the first point of contact.

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Annie Cerone