My client gained a job interview after having applied for the role of Manager in a State (QLD) Government department. In line with the Queensland Public Service Capability Leadership Framework (CLF), five standard selection criteria required addressing: Shapes Strategic Direction; Achieves Results; Cultivates Productive Working Relationships; Exemplifies Personal Drive and Integrity; and Communicates with Influence. Following are full excerpts from two of the five selection criteria.

Shapes Strategic Direction.
My extensive policy and program experience in gathering, investigating and interpreting information from diverse sources and making viable well-informed recommendations to decision makers is evidenced throughout my career in senior roles. During my role as Senior Policy Officer with the XYZ, I motivated, drove and steered my team to formulate strategies to remove legislative roadblocks, and empowered them to explore new approaches to address longstanding or emerging issues relating to children and young people that were abused whilst placed in out-of-home care. I adopted a system-wide view of issues by drawing on a range of information and identifying other states’ legislation, policies, ideas and perspectives to apply to problem resolution. I presented these strategies to the Senior Executive Leadership Team. Drawing on the expertise of others, I engaged strategic partnerships to understand different viewpoints, to plan a course of action, and to lead and drive the implementation of strategies to align with organisational vision and purpose that included constitutional reforms, engagement framework between the Government and XYZ, and the RRR. The panel met to discuss issues relating to children who were institutionalised and to develop several key strategies for the CDE to action around engagement process with the Indigenous community, including implementation of practical solutions for addressing the issues of health and wellbeing. The CDE accepted the taskforce recommendations and actioned this work by implementing a strategy to employ Indigenous Engagement Officers to develop this work for the CDE.

Exemplifies Personal Drive and Integrity.
Across all my senior roles, I have taken full responsibility for meeting objectives at individual, team and departmental levels. In a previous role, I inspired my team to think outside the box and develop a nationwide awareness-raising campaign that provided both a policy and practical perspective on the changes proposed in the CCC for AAA. I directed each team member to gain an understanding of the Australian Constitution and proposed reforms, and invited them to attend forums and meetings with constitutional experts to develop their skills and capacity. Subsequently, my team gained a greater understanding of legislative reforms and what that meant in practice. This helped them to then confidently engage with Traditional Owners and the Indigenous community. They actively listened and gained a solid understanding of the issues raised, and responded to questions using practical language and terminology that could be easily understood. I briefed Executive Management on the team’s progress and proposed solutions for the Board’s discussion with the Attorney-General, and SSS Committee on XYZ. Furthermore, to identify and discuss potential issues on the proposed reforms, I drove creativity and innovation by providing an avenue to engage key partnerships with RRR, GGG Lawyers, universities in NSW, and an XXX Lawyer. These forums were instrumental in providing consultants with a better understanding of the complexities of Australian legislation and how it impacted on the Indigenous community, and the reforms that were being proposed. The community thanked and praised the team for visiting and explaining the changes in easy understandable language that related to their local needs and was imparted in a manner in which they could engage with and connect.

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