My client applied for the role of Learning Support Assistant in the ACT Education sector and progressed to the interview stage. The application involved addressing selection criteria across two pages. One of the criteria is showcased.

Knowledge of the educational, social and emotional needs of students with disability, complex needs and/or a trauma background.

I have in-depth knowledge of the educational, social and emotional needs of students aged between three and 12 years of age with Downs Syndrome, attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD), autism spectrum disorder (ASD), oppositional defiant disorder (ODD); learning difficulties including delays in learning, intellectual, speech and writing; and trauma resulting from parental separation/divorce, and family/domestic violence. I provide educational, social and emotional support to these students by employing the inclusive education framework. For example, in providing support to students with ASD in an inclusive classroom, I carefully analyse individual learning needs to better understand their motivations and preferred ways of learning. I specifically plan and execute strategies that take into consideration places and times whilst incorporating calming techniques. For ADHD students, I employ the following strategies: staying on task, establishing classroom routines, providing appropriate supervision, pairing them with classmates to discuss homework and classwork, and incorporating classroom aides.

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Annie Cerone