This particular client applied for the role of Finance Officer in Queensland Health and gained an interview. The selection criteria component involved addressing five key competency areas in a two-page statement. Following is a full example of one of the competencies.

Demonstrated knowledge of contemporary accounting standards and processes.

I currently hold Bookkeeper Registration and BAS Provider Certification under the Tax Practitioners Board legislation. As a Bookkeeper, I have gained and applied knowledge and understanding of accounting standards and processes. Under taxation law, I am aware that BAS lodgement can be completed on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis; my clients’ BAS reporting was scheduled on quarterly basis and I lodged statements on or before due dates. In doing so, I ensured all data was true and correct and paid accordingly. I am aware of penalty charges for any late lodgement (for example, GIC). I received monthly or quarterly updates of ATO policy and legislation for BAS on a regular basis, and I was proactive in checking websites for new updates through the Tax Practitioner Board, ATO and IPA. As a bookkeeper, I also prepared financial statements for my clients’ accountants on a quarterly and yearly basis in preparation for end-of-year financial reporting. I dealt with the ATO and other financial institutions regarding my clients’ financial and taxation matters. For one client, I was instrumental in negotiating payments with the ATO regarding tax liabilities. Negotiations took place over a period of three to six months and I remained in regular contact with the ATO throughout the process. Subsequently, a satisfactory agreement was reached benefiting both parties.

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Annie Cerone