My client applied for the role of Executive Officer in Local Government and progressed to the interview stage. The written component required addressing six (6) essential and five (5) desirable criteria in three (3) pages. One of the criteria is showcased.

Advanced interpersonal, negotiating and conflict resolution skills, including the ability to effectively communicate with a wide range of people.

I initiated, devised and recommended the implementation of a 12-week employee health and well-being program. After 12 months of performing in my current role as Executive Assistant and Office Manager, I held informal discussions with staff members who voiced their desire to undertake health and fitness activities during their lunch break. I developed and presented a case/proposal to the CEO and CFO which outlined two options: a one-off 12-week program run in-house by commissioned personal trainers, and a 12-month gym membership for each staff member totalling $18K per annum year-on-year; both options, fully paid for by the company. I presented my findings in person, outlining the benefits and repeatedly reinforcing the cost savings and benefits that lay with the first option. I emphasised benefits for staff members in improving their morale at both individual and team levels, and that the first option would also serve as a strong team-building exercise. Subsequently, the in-house 12-week program was selected and rolled out. This option resulted in a 60% cost saving over the second option and 53% more staff signed up for the program than originally anticipated.

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Annie Cerone