My client applied for the role of Customer Services Officer in the local government sector, a council in NSW. From a total of 60 applicants, six (6) were shortlisted for interviewing including my client. The written component required addressing seven (7) criteria in a two-page cover letter format. One of the criteria is showcased.

Demonstrated experience in providing quality face-to-face customer service to meet customer service objectives and identify issues that could affect customer service.

During busy periods, my team and I serve over 300+ customers in the store on any given single day. One of the key metrics the business used to determine customer satisfaction and obtain feedback was the Net Promoter Score (NPS), which collected data from customers based on their experiences. I reviewed feedback from customers every month and on occasion found that some comments were negative. My task involved identifying the issue, implementing a customer-centric solution and reversing these into positive comments in the next monthly NPS. I determined the issue was with team members not realising how the NPS system worked. I organised a team meeting and explained what and how the NPS worked. I also implemented a key change to one particular practice. The first strategy involved having team members greet every customer upon entering the store and pointing them towards sale and promotional items. I facilitated role plays, developed scripts, and organised ‘show me’ activities until the team gained more confidence in approaching customers. After a few months, the NPS reflected positive comments from customers, including professional, knowledgeable and friendly customer service and sales staff; attractive store layout; great service; and their enjoyment shopping in the store.

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Annie Cerone