My client applied for the role of Communications Operator, in State (QLD) Government – Queensland Police Service (QPS) – and progressed to the interview stage. The application involved addressing five selection criteria in two pages. One of the criteria is showcased.

Supports strategic direction.

I have an understanding and knowledge of the QPS Strategic Plan 2017-2021 which outlines its Vision and four core Strategic Objectives – Stop crime, Strengthens relationships within the community, Make the community safer, and Equip our workforce for the future. Each Strategic Objective is then broken down further stipulating Strategies and Performance Indicators. My previous employment with XYZ aligns with the QPS Strategic Plan 2017-2021 Strategic Objective ‘Strengthen relationships with the community’ where I continually provided timely and professional responses to customers which helped to alleviate their frustrations and anxieties.

During my employment at BBB, I followed procedures and guidelines whilst undertaking task work, especially regarding enquiries from customers and suppliers. I conveyed information to the business owner – when I determined a major lessor within the complex was going to close down – on the day of receipt due to the importance and relevance of the situation, and the impact it could have on business operations, such as the impact on trade/revenue among other areas. The owner immediately acted on this information and managed the situation which prevented negative impacts to daily operations.

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Annie Cerone