This particular client gained a job interview and was offered the role of Team Member (an entry level AO3/4 position), which she gladly accepted. The selection criteria component required the addressing of five criteria up to 3/4pg in length for each. Centrelink is an Australian Public Service (APS) government department and all applicants are required to frame their written responses based on the integrated leadership framework to address criteria (refer to a previous blog which outlines and explains this framework in detail). Following are excerpts from three criteria.

Understanding of Centrelink’s strategic environment:

My ability to shape strategic thinking is demonstrated by my practical experience in analysing the position of the business/organisation and how it can gain a competitive edge. An example of this is demonstrated when I developed an Engagement Plan for National Australia Bank (NAB) branch staff. As the Engagement Representative, I prepared and implemented Employment Opinion Surveys (EOS) in the branch showing a future focus on the retention of staff, wellbeing, and how engaged and satisfied they were in their roles and with their work. I held meetings within the branch and facilitated further meetings with Engagement Representatives from other branches at a state level. The EOS results were reviewed regularly and feedback was actioned in order to facilitate a better running organisation where high levels of staff satisfaction and morale could be continually monitored and maintained.

Achieves Results:

I am highly proficient in adapting to changing priorities. For instance, in the last week of August 2009 I held several roles, those of Branch Manager, Personal Banker, and Teller. Priorities changed repeatedly on a daily basis and I was required to multi-task extensively throughout the week. I juggled and effectively managed several tasks concurrently within short time frames. This involved preparing lending applications, performing general management duties, and managing customer complaints. In instances such as this where I was required to juggle several roles and tasks at once, I regularly assessed, reviewed and changed priorities accordingly.

I regularly check my own work progress throughout the day by using the application ‘personal tracker’. This outlines retail sales incentives and shows my weekly revenue points for lending, new loans, credit cards, accounts, deposit funds, and so forth. I am required to achieve a certain amount of points each week in order to reach a final result of 100% revenue points. This then results in the receipt of a quarterly bonus. I attained 129% in my last result. I am tracked by the Lending Review Committee to ascertain that all my lending submissions adhere to all the compliance regulations of the NAB and ASIC. Subsequently my last review score was 9.6/10.

Cultivates productive working relationships:

I encourage a high level of performance from team members and of myself. I work in a collaborative and participative manner in order to achieve goals, working with my peers to identify and agree on work plans and individual performance criteria. I attend regular meetings with team members to discuss the individual progress of specific tasks, to identify and jointly resolve issues as they arise, and to provide feedback on performance. These meetings provide the opportunity to review the team’s developmental goals. I provide feedback, motivation, coaching, recognition and praise to team members. With regard to coaching, it is a technique I use regularly to assist team members to develop their analytical and problem solving skills. Essentially, I assist them to work through the problem until an appropriate solution is apparent to them. Additionally, I am very aware of rewarding and celebrating excellence along the way in order to achieve team goals. This is achieved by motivating the individual(s) involved. As a result, I have formed excellent relationships with NAB branch staff members. In addition, we have won several campaign team awards for highest selling credit cards, financial planning/wealth management referrals, and results from quality conversations with customers as a team/branch. I have also received both verbal and written praise from State General Managers commending me on my excellent work ethic.

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