This client applied for a Business Support Administrator role within Queensland Health and gained an interview. A two-page statement (formatted in cover letter style) was developed to address seven key competencies and attributes. Excerpts from two of the competencies follow.

Customer Focus.

In the banking industry (where a competitive market demands high level customer service to capture and retain business), I have shown that I am able to win new customers and gain ongoing customer loyalty. In my role as Customer Service Manager with the NAB at the XXX Branch, I was responsible for personal/home lending. I kept customers regularly informed by email or phone as to the progress of their application. When the contracts and mortgage documentation were completed, I would personally deliver them to the customer’s home to complete and sign. I kept a vigilant eye on the settlement date to ensure on-time submission. I would then ring the customers to advise and congratulate them on becoming new homeowners. Many of these customers visited the branch to thank me personally and advised my manager of the professional and dedicated service I provided.

Educating Others.

I have developed, implemented and delivered training/educational programs to staff whilst employed within the banking industry. This has also involved conducting training needs analysis; selecting the most appropriate and relevant programs to conduct and recommending ongoing training to employees. I have trained staff in all aspects of banking in various areas including general banking and lending, processing applications, customer service processes, and sales generation. This training is usually delivered either one-on-one or in groups. I regularly inform my staff on changes to training procedures. Furthermore, I ensure that when online training is undertaken (whether it is for the renewal of compliance or product changes or enhancements), that all staff are compliant in these areas. Importantly, I am confident in my approach in delivering training and educating others as I utilise a highly effective interactive style, and adjust programs/sessions to suit the needs of individual participants in order for them to engage with and understand the material, and learn new skills to apply on the job.

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Annie Cerone