My client applied for the role of Business Support Officer in APS Government and progressed to the interview stage. The application involved addressing four selection criteria. An excerpt of one of the criteria is showcased.

Demonstrated ability to apply sound judgement, problem-solve, share information and influence management.

I initiated and conducted an investigation – in the capacity of Service Coordinator at CAA – and found the underlying cause of a problem in the system (log call function) recorded by technicians after completing their jobs. I examined all the records over a one month period and identified call discrepancies which in turn led me to find loopholes in call logs and I also discovered several technicians were not arriving on time to undertake onsite jobs. I phoned customers to obtain feedback; in doing so, several revealed that jobs were actually completed in the mornings – technicians recorded the jobs in the system as completed in the afternoons or evenings. I reported my findings to senior management and was asked to investigate further, collect as much information as possible and report directly to the General Manager (GM).

I then examined the pattern taken by technicians in undertaking different jobs across the state and found several customers wanted particular technicians for their service. I reported all findings with documented proof to the GM. I influenced the senior management team through a detailed formal report and subsequent discussions. As a result of my investigation and findings, senior management actioned major steps to realign the system, procedures and human resources. This resulted in significant savings in operational costs across the organisation along with disciplinary measures. Further, the CAA deployed a global positioning system (GPS) on all service vehicles to record accurate location and time stampings which were instrumental in deterring and stopping fraud by technicians.

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