My client applied for the role of Administrative Officer in a state government department (WA Health), progressed to the interview stage, was offered and accepted the role. The application involved addressing selection criteria across three pages. An excerpt of one of the criteria is showcased.

Working knowledge of health patient information systems.

I am highly competent in using a variety of health patient information systems. In my current role, I use the SimDay system to schedule appointments for patients (up to 30 per day) and generate clinical reports. Working in the dental sector, I used Dental4Windows for patient record bookings, medical information, digital x-rays, reports and analysis. I was previously employed in an information technology (IT) company that developed health patient information systems. In using one of the systems, I was accountable for mapping the sequence and flow of actions and linking relevant information. I developed an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the system’s back-end functions and features. Across my roles, I have been exposed to a variety of health patient information systems which has allowed me to quickly understand and apply this working knowledge when learning how to use other clinical systems and navigating their intermediate to advanced features.

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