This particular client applied for two roles back-to-back one month apart within the same State (Queensland) Government Department. She gained interviews for both roles and was offered and accepted one of the roles. As I have mentioned in previous blogs, the majority of Queensland Government Departments require the addressing of criteria/competencies in two pages maximum. Following is a full example of one of the criteria.

Coordinate and prioritise the delivery of an effective administrative service.

In my current role, I undertake a variety of administrative-related tasks on a daily basis. They include managing and monitoring the staff budget to ensure it remains under budget especially in regard staffing expenditure; maintaining and implementing budgets; preparing and generating reports; reconciling financial accounts; organising incoming and outgoing mail; booking travel and accommodation for the General Manager (GM); and creating welcome letters for guests on behalf of the GM.

Many of the tasks have stringent deadlines (daily, weekly, monthly) which must be met to ensure efficiency and high levels of productivity. On a daily basis, administrative deadlines include: balancing inventory from the hotel system to a centralised system; inventory allotment of third party websites in relation to redistribution of room availability; and checking competitor (hotel) rates and ensuring the Group’s rate is comparable to those of the competitors in order to maximise occupancy rates and revenue. On a weekly basis, I follow up on payments for conference and group accounts to ensure bills are correct and to request payment dates. This task is completed by close-of-business (COB) Wednesdays to ensure readiness for discussion in meetings with other managers held on Thursdays. Compiling data for compilation into a spreadsheet containing the Group’s information for the next upcoming ten days is completed by COB on Mondays. This data is then used for presentation and discussion in weekly communications meetings with key internal stakeholders held on Tuesdays.

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