My client applied for the role of Administration Officer in the private education (secondary) sector and progressed to the job interview stage. The application involved addressing six selection criteria across two pages in cover letter format. A full example from one of the criteria follows.

Business administration.

In my most recent Administrative role, I undertook a variety of tasks that were highly voluminous, varied in complexity, and deadline-driven. I managed and monitored a very busy General Manager’s (GM’s) office, ensuring administrative functions operated in a streamlined manner. Business administration support encompassed monitoring and managing incoming and outgoing correspondence, financial processing, organising travel and numerous meetings, and event management. One of the most complex business administration tasks involved organising the GM’s weekly visits to intrastate branch locations. I scheduled one entire morning to consult with the Regional Executive and their Executive Assistant to discuss the itinerary, meetings and requirements. I also liaised with branch employees that the GM would be meeting on his visit. Communications took place via phone which I then followed up via email confirmation. With the information collated, I then prepared a comprehensive time-lined itinerary for the GM to work from and follow for each visit. The itineraries were well-structured and meticulously written and easy for the GM to follow; they provided him with full details of his movements hour-to-hour from start to finish of each day.

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