My client applied for the role of Student Services Representative in the tertiary sector, progressed to the interview stage, was offered and accepted the role. As is the case with many tertiary applications, there are typically both essential and desirable selection criteria components to address. One selection criterion from the essential component follows.

Ability to work within a clear set of protocols and guidelines, including the ability to refer enquiries appropriately for higher level assistance.

As an English language teacher, I followed the XYZ International English School’s Code of Conduct in relation to daily my interactions with students, especially in relation to absenteeism whilst on a study visa, marking and their assessment grades, and in developing supplementary material for their use. I also followed strict workplace health and safety (WHS) rules in relation to students under the age of 18. From an ethical standpoint, I built a strong rapport with students during school hours only, always interacting with them in a professional manner whilst adhering to the School’s Code of Conduct, and I never developed inappropriate relationships or friendships – I maintained the teacher-student relationship at all times. I monitored absenteeism each lesson; when I noticed the absence of a student who was studying at the school on a student visa, I referred this to the director of the school who took appropriate action. When I marked assessment I liaised with the director if I was unsure on what grade to give the student; they would cross-mark the assessment and I collaborated with them to discuss and reach a unanimous decision on an appropriate grade. I uploaded all supplementary material to the School’s database (Moodle) for staff and students to access; they were all the property of XYZ International English School as stated in the School’s policies and procedures. I supervised students under the age of 18 during break times and did not let them leave the school alone. Overall, these examples demonstrate my ability to adhere to the School’s policies and procedures and Code of Conduct.

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Annie Cerone