My client applied for the role of Social Worker, Senior Mental Health Clinician in State (QLD) Government and progressed to the job interview stage. The application involved addressing four selection criteria (professional commitment, teamwork skills, communication, and service to clients) across two pages in cover letter format. A full example from the communication criterion follows.


A pivotal review of the TTT Service was conducted and gross inconsistencies (both operational and administrative in nature) were identified, as well as lack of support for my team of practitioners. The process to change service delivery was long and challenging spanning 12 months in duration. Throughout the process, I managed the planning, implementation, maintenance and evaluation of the service; and led the negotiation and mediation of disputes. I recognised the importance of maintaining open and transparent lines of communication in order to achieve objectives and much-needed organisational change. Practitioners were operating in isolation, largely without support, with corresponding low standards of practice and diminished performance. To reverse this trend, I sought consultation from a wide spectrum of internal stakeholders, including practitioners, my line manager, and both operations and program management teams. We brainstormed viable solutions and reached consensus on recommendations that would be more suitable for implementation. Overall, I spearheaded the transformation of the service to one which is now widely recognised as being a highly professional, efficient, innovative and reputable provider of therapeutic services.

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Annie Cerone