My client applied for the role of Librarian in the tertiary sector, progressed to the interview stage and just missed out on the role. They came in second; the role was offered to an internal applicant, as is so common in the tertiary sector and across all levels of government (federal, state, local). The application involved addressing seven (7) selection criteria. Two of them are showcased.

Demonstrated high-level problem solving skills displaying independent judgement, initiative and a creative service-oriented approach.

I worked on a project involving the integration and authentication of an eBook collection in a library system. I was tasked with identifying technical issues (such as data required to pass between each system and protocols they used) and developing new methodologies to correct the problems. I also drew on in-depth knowledge of each system’s backend operations and capacities and capitalised on a professional network of systems technicians, departmental experts to help resolve the issues across each stage of the project from design to rollout. Furthermore, during the second year of the project’s lifecycle, several clients wanted to integrate the collection into their library catalogues to improve the searching and borrowing of eBooks. I determined this would significantly improve the value of the service and ensure more use by their students. Subsequently, I initiated and established a tailored library system that delivered integration, streamlined the process and improved the student experience.

Demonstrated high-level written and oral skills, including the ability to write, edit and present material such as self-help resources, procedures and reports in a concise style.

I designed intuitive library guides for subject areas in my faculty; specifically designed as a first point of call for access to key resources in print and digital collections, legislation, professional bodies and subject-specific guides on academic referencing. Many of these resources were accessed when students were under considerable time constraints. Therefore, I wrote the guides concisely and incorporated only core information. Additionally, I conducted numerous presentations via web conferencing to client groups (school librarians, administrators, field technical officers) on how to operate and configure systems. As the audience’s time was very limited; I developed presentations and used Microsoft PowerPoint slides to reinforce key concepts and serve as a refresher guide for those wanting to recap content. I also fielded and answered their questions via voicemail and integrated text while presenting. In recognition of my presentation skills, I was selected by management to present at industry forums, XYZ Department’s seminars and conference, and to a visiting delegation of educators from China. Delivering these presentations achieved the goal of raising client awareness and doubling service uptake.

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Annie Cerone