This repeat business client applied for a role as Shift Supervisor in State (Qld) Government (Queensland Health). He was successful in gaining an interview, being offered the role and accepted. A two page statement was required in addressing six criteria/competencies/ skill requirements. Following are full excerpts of three of the criteria.

Technical capability:
On a daily basis at TTT I adhere to standard operating procedures (SOPs) relating to security services, fire protection, traffic and parking management, and relevant legislation. I possess solid understanding and application of procedure in relation to the use of technical equipment such as CCTV and Cardax. In addition, I have a strong understanding of the different types of fire extinguishers and their uses for different situations as outlined in the Portable Fire Extinguisher Guide. I follow stringent procedures and respond accordingly when fire alarms are activated on the premises which can be a common occurrence on TTT grounds. I supervise staff and delegate tasks ensuring they adhere to these procedures especially when conducting isolation and de-isolation of fire alarm zones. In the event of a fire alarm at CCC Community Health, I supervise staff on investigations relating to the initiation of alarm detectors; escort Queensland Fire and Rescue Service (QFRS) to the location of the detector; and reset the fire panel once cleared by QFRS. In the event of a real fire, I guide and instruct staff on applying the ‘Remove Alert Contain Extinguish’ (RACE) concept.

Client Focus:
When dealing with clients (patients) at TTT, I treat them with respect, demonstrate empathy for their situation, and aim to resolve issues which provide a beneficial outcome for them and for medical staff. When dealing with visitors to TTT, I provide assistance where possible – many are in need of direction regarding parking or locations of wards – and I display courteousness at all times. Overall, I ensure a positive image is projected which reflects on TTT as a whole. I was recently tasked to attend an emergency waiting room as a patient was creating a disturbance. I approached and liaised with medical staff to determine the actual situation and how it came about; this provided me with a better idea as to how to approach and effectively deal with the patient. To show the patient respect, I asked if she would like to step outside to discuss this matter to provide her with privacy. I explained in a diplomatic and non-judgemental manner why she needed to leave the premises. She agreed and was apologetic for her actions. I then escorted her to a taxi rank to ensure her safety.

Organisational commitment and awareness:
I commit to, understand and adhere to Queensland Health’s core values on a daily basis when dealing with team members, supervisors, patients, visitors, staff in other units, and external customers. Both my current and previous employers have appraised me for supporting and following corporate values, several of which include honesty, courage, respect, fairness, caring and trust. I have applied these values into every aspect of my work on a daily basis. An example demonstrating my honest nature was when I was on patrol on TTT grounds. I found a wallet and personal belongings and tracked down the owner. I followed procedure which involved advising my supervisor of the incident, and I ensured the incident was recorded in the security log and in my individual security handbook.

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