This client applied for a Project Officer role in State (Qld) Government, gained a job interview, was offered the role and accepted. As is commonplace with Qld Government applications for the past few years, selection criteria required addressing in a two-page statement. Following excerpts from two of the seven criteria.

Demonstrated experience with all aspects of project coordination, preferably building refurbishment projects.

In my 10 year tenure with the AAA, I completed 12 projects which were primarily refurbishments and new fit-outs. As the Project Manager, I steered the project team from initiation, planning, execution, monitoring/controlling through to completion and delivery of the projects.

Major projects I managed in recent years follow:
• Brisbane $2.25m ABC Centre Refurbishment Project. The Centre was shut down for eight weeks to complete the major refurbishment. I closely monitored the progress of the builder’s fitout, and identified and managed a potential risk with the tenants and the landlord – they threatened work stoppage due to noise. I initiated discussions with both parties to explain the benefits of why this project needed to be finished on time, and I kept them regularly updated. This eliminating the risk from occurring.
• Southport $1.7m XYZ Centre Relocation Project. The old Gold Coast hospital building was due to be demolished in 2013. Was mandated only six months to deliver the project; baseline was typically one year. Subsequently, I managed and delivered the project within the stipulated six month designated time frame.

Demonstrated willingness to be flexible and adaptable to changing priorities with the ability to meet deadlines while working in pressured situations.

In 2015 I was originally assigned to manage the major refurbishment of the ABC Centre. Later that year, the Project Manager of the DEF Centre Project sustained a personal injury. Considering it was also a refurbishment project, I volunteered to concurrently manage both projects. In reviewing the project timelines of both projects, I determined the Brisbane project was a larger undertaking; and thus, more important. In planning and organising tasks associated with both projects, I prepared and ensured the schedules for ABC project did not conflict with the DEF project. To manage changing priorities associated with both projects (they were extensive and ongoing), I used and adapted the Franklin Time Management System. I prioritised tasks in categories – category A (Important/Urgent), B (Not Urgent/Important), C (Not urgent/Important), and D (Not important/Not urgent). I drew on this information and referenced it against Microsoft Project; I selected and sorted tasks based on expected due dates. Furthermore, I identified tasks that were running on time, and red flagged those that were approaching due dates. Using this methodology was an instrumental tool and as a result, both projects were completed on time and within budget. Overall, I adopted this system across all projects which were completed on time, within budget and incurred zero audit citations.

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Annie Cerone