This client applied for the role of Management Accounting Coordinator in local government (a council in Victoria), and gained a job interview. A three page statement was prepared addressing five selection criteria. Following are excerpts from three of the criteria.

Demonstrated experience in leading, managing and developing staff.

In my current role as Financial Controller at EEE Ltd, I lead, manage and develop a team of four finance staff. I built the team from one Accounts Payable (AP) staff member to a larger-numbered, highly productive and professional team of finance personnel. In addition to developing and implementing a human resources plan for the finance function, I also drew on the team’s expertise and as such, developed the AP and Accounts Receivable (AR) staff members to enable them to take on additional areas of responsibility and to develop professionally. In combination with skilful recruitment and team dynamics planning, my expertise in developing existing resources, in capturing tacit knowledge of the organisation, and in promoting a culture of continuous improvement have been instrumental in sustaining a highly productive team, and a team that can boast high levels of morale (both at an individual and team level) and job satisfaction.

Substantial and demonstrable experience and skills in Management Accounting.

I possess nine years’ experience in senior accounting roles. Key accountabilities in this regard have involved management and statutory reporting, including half-yearly and annual reports for external audits and ASX; implementing and overseeing financial controls; and overseeing all the accountancy functions of 11 separate business entities within one organisation.

In addition to my rigorous financial accountancy experience, I also have a strong commercial focus. As Commercial Manager at BBB Pty Ltd, I supported substantial business expansion through the development of dynamic forecasts, strategic plans, success criteria, and business plans. To ensure these targets were feasible in practice, I trained and mentored new managers to facilitate understanding of what was required of them in the performance and reporting areas, and to explain the commercial and accountancy functions. Whilst in this role, the company was realising a phase of aggressive growth. A major part of my role during this period of growth involved developing growth forecasts, applying assumptions and developing models based on these assumptions. As a result, the company was able to support a five year growth strategy to turnover $130M; EBITDA performance improved by 45%; revenue growth was up by 15%; and tighter cost controls were established. Furthermore, this resulted in market expansion and a successful investment to the business.

Well-developed written and communication skills with the ability to deal with a diverse range of people and situations.

At EEE Ltd, I coordinated all financial matters for a subsidiary of the company based in Asia, encompassing cash flow management of an Asian call centre facility and audit review processes which took place at the end of June 2012 and December 2012. This task involved conducting daily telephone conference calls with the finance team based in Asia. However, they spoke limited English which resulted in instances of miscommunication in the initial phase. To counter this issue, I adjusted my approach and communication style by slowing my speech, taking into account the adjustment to foreign language vocabulary for all parties. This facilitated the translation of information in a timely manner. When I requested additional information by email, I used plain English as well as short, structured questions. When communicating both verbally (via phone) and in written form (via email) with the finance team, I regularly checked for understanding after instruction or explanation had been given. I encouraged clarification of the conversation held to ensure a level of mutual understanding and hence, maintained rapport and strong relationships with the staff of the Asian subsidiary. As a result, monthly management and audit reports were completed by due dates.

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