This particular client applied for the role of Graduate Insolvency Services Officer in Accounting or Law in an APS/Federal Government agency and gained a job interview. A total of seven selection criteria required addressing in cover letter format at a specified two-page maximum. Following are excerpts from two of the criteria.

Case Management

Towards the end of my employment at ZZZ, I became more experienced and knowledgeable in my field. This was recognised by management and I was assigned the responsibility of managing a collections portfolio that comprised 50 cases of delinquent clients. These clients were individuals who faced challenging and complex circumstances and were often in payment arrears. Therefore, I was assigned this portfolio with the objective of helping clients to better manage their accounts and to assess risk to mitigate losses. On a daily basis, I spent time conferring with clients to gain an understanding of their financial circumstances as well as other difficulties, and to collaboratively formulate and tailor individualised payment plans to suit their personal needs and circumstances. I consistently monitored each case and where needed, revisited steps to tailor new strategies and provide alternative solutions with the key objective of collecting debts. Subsequently, after three months managing the portfolio, I reduced payment arrears in 30% of the cases. My effort was praised during a team meeting and I received commendations from my manager and peers.

Stakeholder Liaison and Management

At ZZZ, I consulted on a regular basis with financial brokers, business partners and inter-departmental staff. For example, when I managed a case involving a customer whose income was reduced and two of his accounts were in arrears, I liaised with his financial broker to discuss options. We collaborated with the objective of seeking a solution to mutually benefit all three parties. After a great deal of discussion we agreed that given the customer’s situation, his minimum monthly payments were too high to service. Therefore, I suggested the most viable solution was to refinance and consolidate the two loans into one. I then conferred with my team leader to propose and outline my solution. Approval was granted and the next step involved liaising with another internal stakeholder – namely the contact credit department – to discuss terms of contract and monthly payment amounts. A contract agreement was reached which I then relayed back to the customer’s financial broker. The broker then contacted the customer to advise of the solution. The customer was very satisfied and accepted the contract that same day. The next day I received a call from the customer to thank me for helping him keep his assets and not default on his loans.

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