This client applied for the role of EA to Dean & Head of School in the tertiary sector and gained a job interview. During the job interview, the selection panel commented on how highly impressed they all were with the written application. A total of five pages in cover letter format was developed to address selection criteria listed under Essential and Desirable sections. When I develop selection criteria documents for tertiary sector roles, the maximum page length limit I adhere to is five pages; very often I develop less, this all depends on how many criteria require addressing. The most number of criteria I have addressed for a tertiary sector role numbered 17 across both the Essential and Desirable sections – a five page document was also developed for this application. When addressing criteria listed in the Desirable section, a short paragraph will suffice; more effort and content needs to developed for the criteria listed in the Essential section. Following are excerpts from two of the criteria in the Essential section, and a full-length example of one of the criteria in the Desirable section.


Demonstrated experience in high level executive administration in a professional environment.

I have 15 years’ experience in providing high level comprehensive executive administrative, secretarial, and operational support to senior, executive, director and Board level personnel. I have managed the maintained the diaries and emails for up to three executive level staff concurrently. In this regard, I used my well-developed organisation and prioritisation skills to channel and filter a large volume of emails on a daily basis from our staff (over 16,000) nationally and internationally, and a diverse range of external stakeholders to decide relevance and importance for forwarding to the executives. In planning and organising events, dependent on the event, I commenced the planning process a year in advance to ensure all logistical and operational components involved with the events were completed by stipulated time frames. The processing of financial document statements was a timely process, and a high level of accuracy and strict attention to detail was paramount. Credit card processing of expenditure ranged between $80 and $100k each monthly billing cycle. I entered information accurately in the system in order for it to be accepted, and I ensured processing was completed by the mandated deadline to avoid incurring a 10% fee.

High level skills in computing including word processing, spread sheets, email, diary management, presentations, wikis, information management, and other contemporary office technology.

My specific skills in utilising a wide range of software programs in my current role follow:

– Microsoft Word was used to create correspondence such as memos for dissemination to internal staff and letters to clients and other external stakeholders. I prepared and disseminated mail merges to clients (up to 500 on particular mail outs). I also used Word to prepare itineraries for functions. I incorporated features such as the insertion of tables and columns and graphics into documents.

– Microsoft Excel was used as a database to manage functions; I created an individual spreadsheet for each function, up to 30 annually. Formulas were incorporated to monitor the number of acceptances and rejections to each function.

– Microsoft PowerPoint was used to prepare a wide range of presentations for internal meetings, external events, and client meetings. A company-wide template was used to prepare presentations; up to 40 slides were created with content incorporated as well as hyperlinks and graphics.

– Microsoft Outlook’s various functions were used extensively, including the calendar, address book, tasks, reminders, to receive incoming emails and compile outgoing emails to clients and stakeholders.

– Financial management software (JD Edwards) was used to raise purchase orders for payment of invoices.

– Wikipedia was used to research information on particular clients and products; and countries and their protocols, which was of importance when organising travel.

– Apple products such as iPad and iPhone were used extensively throughout the course of any given day to read and respond to emails, to schedule and re-schedule dates in calendars, and to upgrade travel bookings.


Familiarity with University guidelines and procedures.

In preparing this application, I conducted research using the Internet to familiarise myself with UTAS’ policies, procedures and guidelines. UTAS’ policy and delegations cover several categories and sub-categories within each encompassing numerous documents. They include Governance; Commercial Services & Development; Communication, Events, Marketing & Development; Financial Services; Human Resources; IT Services; Learning & Teaching; Office of the Vice-Chancellor; Research; Research Training; Risk & Quality; Service & Project Delivery; Student & Academic Administration; Student Support; and WH&S.

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