This client gained a job interview, was offered the role and accepted. Four selection criteria required addressing with a 200-word limit for each. Following is a full example of one of the criteria.

Please provide an example of your understanding of the abilities required to work in a team based environment where you contribute to the overall culture and performance of a workplace.

I recently worked within my team with reduced manpower – reduction from three to two staff members. The work was highly voluminous, and the team was still required to meet stipulated monthly budgets. To complete our tasks, we focused on ensuring communication was ongoing throughout the day. I did this by listening carefully when explaining ideas, thoughts and feelings in a non-threatening way, by asking clarifying questions, and by discussing solutions to resolve issues as they arose. Subsequently, the trust and respect between team members became stronger which allowed each team member to demonstrate and own accountability for the tasks assigned. I worked in a cooperative manner with my team members to plan tasks up to a fortnight ahead; this also involved prioritising and re-prioritising as needed when urgent tasks arose involving the resolution of customer issues. I also initiated discussions with the team regarding delegation of additional duties – those that would have been undertaken by a third member of the team – based on each other’s strengths and time availability. In addition, I worked closely with other internal teams to ask for advice and strategies relating to customer orders and issues. Subsequently, as a team we were successful in meeting monthly budgets for five consecutive months in an understaffed environment.

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Annie Cerone