This particular client gained an interview late last year within the TAFE institution. The selection criteria component required addressing five key criteria. Following are excerpts from three of those five criteria.

1. Experience in delivering instruction in a classroom, workplace or flexible learning situation supported by examples that indicate excellence in teaching practice:

I have demonstrated the quality of my teaching ability in the classroom and on site delivery in my current role as Workplace Trainer and Assessor at a private RTO in Brisbane. I have adapted the course and work closely with students who have completed the course in order to successfully match them with employment opportunities. This has resulted in the placement of a large percentage of students/graduates in sustainable employment as Carers. The quality of my work and the respect I have engendered from professional colleagues has resulted in several commendations: highly competent trainer and assessor varying teaching strategies in response to the needs of the group; excellent ability to relate to students in the class leading to very high standards of student participation. I possess a solid understanding of contemporary teaching and learning practices including competency based training, full time, part time, workshop, distance and correspondence learning in the VET sector. In my current role I use information and communication technology applications in the delivery of courses, from technology in the classroom such as audio visual aids, online research tools, overhead projector, DVDs and college internet cafe research projects. I ensure quality assurance documents are linked to the curriculum and that the children’s services regulations are stringently followed. I follow lesson plans, performance criteria and use a variety of methods to assist students in gaining competencies. Assessments are done in various formats including group, individual, on line, practicums and so forth. I also implement industry standards, service policies, procedures and regulations for occupational health and safety.

2. A capacity to contribute to the future needs of the faculty and teaching team:

In my previous role as Coordinator and Lecturer for the ABC Academy in Sydney, I was responsible for the curriculum development and coordination of course delivery and services to international students in the Diploma of Children’s Services; and coordinated Children’s Services practicums. My ability to implement new initiatives is demonstrated in my current role as Lecturer and Practicum Coordinator for a RTO in Brisbane. In this role I have successfully adapted the existing Certificate III in Children’s Services course for people who have been unemployed (long-term) or have special needs or disabilities. This has resulted in a significant success rate in placing graduates in sustainable employment. Also whilst in this role (through the placement of students in practicums), I have built a strong network of contacts in the industry and the broader employment sector, particularly in Children’s Services and the disability sector. This is supported by the links and contacts I established as the Proprietor of the XYZ Agency and my ongoing community activities. I have also managed a distance learning program in Children’s services in Brisbane. Throughout my years experience as a Lecturer/Trainer, I have demonstrated my understanding of Adult Learning Principles, in particular, the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) by ensuring courses were designed and delivered adhering to specified AQF principles and guidelines.

3. A commitment to self-development, maintaining industry currency and ongoing professional development:

I am currently accredited with the International Carers Agency to deliver the Certificate III in Children’s Services (Productivity Placement Program) and coordinate the practicum. I recently undertook volunteer teaching in an emergent curriculum-based school in Bulimba and donated several educational activities to the community. Between 1997 and 2004, I was the Coordinator and Lecturer in the Certificates III and IV in Children’s Services at the ABC Academy in Sydney. I am committed to ongoing professional development, having enrolled in the Bachelor of Teaching in Early Childhood at the University of New England. I have recently upgraded my Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and am affiliated with the DEF Consultancy Group. I have also completed an Early Childhood Road Safety Education Program and hold a current first aid certificate. I have attended numerous industry seminars and conferences during my career, particularly during my tenure as a Lecturer at the GGG Montessori Centre in Malaysia and the UK.

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