This client applied for an IT-related role within the Queensland Police Service and gained an interview. The applicant pool totaled 82 and only 6 were chosen for interviews. The written component required the addressing of four criteria in two pages. Following are excerpts from two of the criteria.

Sound analytical and problem resolution skills.

A recent example that demonstrates my proficiency in analysing and problem solving was when I was using my laptop to install a piece of software. On my first attempt at installing the software, the installation process failed, bringing up an error message. I used a process of elimination and the first step I took was to uninstall and then reinstall the program again in order to determine if it was a problematic facet of the installation process. When this did not produce any results, I then took the next step in recording the error code and used an online search engine (Google) to find and research the problem. I also used online forums dedicated to discussions on technical-related problems to assist me in finding a resolution. Through the forums, I was redirected to the software producer’s website. From this website I was then able to find and download a patch; I installed the patch which fully rectified the installation error and I was able to successfully use the software.

Ability to work independently and collaboratively within a team.

An example that demonstrates my ability to work collaboratively within a team was whilst undertaking tertiary studies. One particular course (namely, Information Management and Analysis) involved working regularly with other students on team-based activities. One particular piece of assessment involved working in a team to produce an investigational chart detailing a real-life criminal scenario (the Pong Su incident). I worked with a small team (three colleagues in total) throughout the entire process of undertaking the assessment. Unfortunately, only one computer was available on campus to generate and complete the necessary components of the assessment; therefore, it was mandatory that we all congregated and worked together at the same time. We rotated and took turns in completing sets of tasks and we all spent the same amount of time checking work. We assisted each other with logic and fact checking; in structuring the investigational timeline; and in proofreading to ensure documentation was error-free with regard to spelling, grammar, punctuation and typographical errors. Within the team, I initiated and took responsibility for the process of asking advice and assistance from the tutor and I would then relay this information to the other team members. I also initiated discussions with other teams involved in this project to ensure we were on track and to gather further suggestions and feedback to incorporate into the assessment. As a result, we worked well together to effectively complete the assessment within the required deadline.

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