Late last year I completed a job application for a client applying for a role within the Australian Public Service (APS) as a Team Supervisor using the Leadership Framework in addressing the selection criteria. This client was successful in gaining a job interview. Six criteria required addressing up to half a page in length for each. The selection criteria included: Supports Strategic Direction; Achieves Results; Supports Productive Working Relationships; Exemplifies Personal Drive and Integrity; Communicates with influence; and Conceptual and Analytical Skills. Following are excerpts from two of the criteria.

Supports Strategic Direction.

Whilst employed with ABC Pty Ltd, I was invited to be part of a team to undertake an extensive strategic project that would lead to a reduction in errors, improvement in processing, and a reduction in turn around times between receipt of discharge request and settlement date. I conducted research on statistical data, data quality, task analysis, and workload management. Working collaboratively with the project team, we decided that a Discharge Officer’s day should be divided into three processing phases. This would enhance the processing of discharges and provide a smoother, timelier, error-free and more cost-effective processing method. This system enabled the staff to plan their workload more effectively and allowed them to complete all their allocated work accurately and within desired timeframes. Furthermore, the value in changing the system was the fact that as well as more in-depth knowledge of departmental processes, it would further provide the opportunity to help improve our error rate, turn around times, KPIs, service level agreements, and customer satisfaction.

Conceptual and Analytical Skills.

I undertake routine problem solving and troubleshooting activities on a daily basis and always aim to find and implement a resolution that is beneficial to both the organisation and stakeholders involved. In all the positions I have held within the banking industry it has been my responsibility to understand the culture and its impact on organisational policies and processes. This is essential when providing innovative solutions to complex problems. In one instance I dealt with a customer who held concerns with their home loan and line of credit. I asked the customer a number of probing questions in regards to their home loan and line of credit and simultaneously checked the bank’s systems for account status. Once I had established that these accounts were out of order, I then consulted the relevant policy and followed the process with the customer and our collection team. The final outcome for the customer was a positive one – they kept their house and maintained a strong credit rating, in addition to not having a negative record on our system. Throughout the entire process, I followed bank policy and procedure assisting in the prompt resolution of the problem.

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Annie Cerone