This particular client applied for a role within the APS which was a Senior Executive Level 2 role and gained an interview. The selection criteria involved addressing seven criteria (up to one page in length for each) encompassing the integrated leadership framework. Following are excerpts from two of the criteria.

Displays Professional and Technical Proficiency.

I used technical knowledge and expertise to apply and implement the relevant policies, methodologies and procedures in order to produce a report that comprehensively outlined the financial sustainability of various councils. I developed a detailed methodology (following a step-by-step systematic process) to ensure consistency and completion of the sustainability reviews in a timely manner. I applied policy and framework developed by the Queensland DDD Association to assess the financial sustainability of local government. I adhered to specific criteria in order to establish a robust guideline for councils to implement and adhere to, and further facilitated the presentation of findings to individual councils, particularly those in a poor financial position. In collaboration with the senior executive team, we completed 110 sustainability reviews; I wrote, developed or peer reviewed over half of these reviews. Overall, the reviews were positively received and provided those councils who were not performing well financially with the necessary tools and recommendations to reverse the situation.

Relevant Qualifications and/or Experience.

I am currently studying the Masters of Environmental Management. This semester I am undertaking the unit ‘Environmental Policy’ which will provide me with the theoretical knowledge and an in-depth understanding of the processes and tools available in order to develop and implement the most effective policies to suit relevant business and community requirements. Next semester I will be undertaking the ‘Water Policy and Management’ unit. In 2009 I completed the Graduate Certificate in Business, majoring in law and project management; and in 2008 I completed the Graduate Certificate in Applied Finance and Investment. From a theoretical perspective, I have gained in-depth knowledge into the application of both current legal and economic practices and methodologies and how they underpin the processes involved in corporate governance frameworks and the development of policies and procedures.

Previously employed as the Project Manager within the DEF Unit in the Queensland AAA Department, I was responsible for implementing institutional reform in the South East Queensland water industry. This involved developing and implementing government policy to transfer assets from local government and other government-owned entities to newly established government-owned statutory bodies. Having previously worked in the capacity of a Project Manager within the XYZ Group in the Department of ABC, I was extensively involved with the Department’s newly created South East Queensland Water Grid assets (including desalination plant, advanced water recycling plant and pipelines). My key responsibilities involved developing, restructuring and rebundling contracts and negotiations, and working closely with the Queensland AAA legal division.

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