This particular client applied for the role of Ranger at one of the national parks in WA. He was successful in gaining an interview. The written component required the addressing of three criteria in three pages maximum. Following is a full example of one of the criteria.

Ability to or demonstrated experience in construction and maintenance, carrying out routine maintenance duties, including the use of hand tools, power tools, chainsaws and small engines.

In my current role as a Field Assistant for NNN Landcare, I undertake task work in relation to the construction and maintenance of infrastructure within GGG Park. This involves undertaking campground and nursery maintenance, constructing walking tracks, and performing general maintenance and repairs on a 4WD vehicle (Ford Ranger) and a Rhino. For weeding, I maintain the ‘quick spray unit’, brush cutters, secateurs, saws and all personal protective equipment (PPE) such as overalls, long sleeved shirts, masks, gloves and safety glasses. Recently having undertaken maintenance on the nursery, I used an angle grinder and circular drop saw (whilst using the correct PPE) to fit a gate into the entry of the nursery.

As a Koala Management Field Assistant with XYZ, I assisted in the construction and maintenance of holding cages for the captured koalas. This involved assembling the building blocks (mesh walls) together using hack saws, rod ties with rod tying tool and cable ties. I also maintained our field gear which involved maintaining and checking the four metre extendable metal poles (sandpapering, cleaning and lubrication). I regularly maintained and checked the climbing ropes and climbing harnesses for damage and to replace faulty equipment when required. Whilst undertaking all of the above task work, I adopted a high level of safety by ensuring equipment and vehicles were regularly maintained and checked. This involved maintaining and checking vehicles, PPE and tools. Importantly, the correct PPE was used at all times whilst performing all task work. Furthermore, I was keenly aware of the environment I worked in, and analysed the risks and potential hazards both before starting a job and throughout the entire duration of works.

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Annie Cerone