The interview panel judged this client’s written application (both resume and selection criteria) as the best one received – 30 internal applicants applied for the role. After the interview, my client was subsequently offered the role on a permanent basis and was thrilled to accept. She had previously applied for the same role 12 months prior (without my assistance) but did not gain an interview; at that stage, she had been performing the role for a one year period. The selection criteria component required the addressing of five criteria. A full example of one of the criteria is outlined below.

Demonstrates the ability to interpret and apply legislation, financial and administrative practices and procedures in a service delivery environment.

In my current role as Debt Management Officer – Financial Branch with the Department of ABC, I interpret and apply relevant legislation, practices and procedures on a daily basis. When undertaking task work, I adhere to the requirements as outlined in the Financial Administration Practices and Audit Act 1977, Financial Management Standards 1977, and the Financial Management Practices Manual. I also work within the guidelines of the Student Refund Policy and the Time to Pay Policy. I apply relevant policies and procedures to many of the tasks I undertake on a daily basis. Specifically, when assisting clients who make enquiries into their outstanding debts; when collecting and following up on outstanding debts; when recommending irrecoverable debt write-offs; and when negotiating repayment plans with stakeholders who are in financial hardship. The Financial Management Standard 1997 (div2 par31) sets out settlements of systems for receive management. When a client is unable to pay on a due date and is therefore in default, then the following up of outstanding revenue is allowed under sub-par3. Recently, I cleared many aged debts that previous Debt Management Officers were unable to collect. A specific example of this was a client (DEF Pty Ltd) who had an aged debt of approximately $210K over 190 days due. I was instrumental in negotiating payments or charge reversals to ensure all debt was true and correct. Negotiations took place over a two month period and I maintained regular (weekly) contact with this client throughout the process. Subsequently, all outstanding aged debt was resolved.

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