This particular client gained an interview for the role of Executive Officer Admissions at one of the universities located in Melbourne. Typically with roles in the tertiary sector, the selection criteria component is divided into ‘Essential’ criteria and ‘Desirable’ criteria. For this particular application, a total of 11 criteria required to be addressed (9 Essential and 2 Desirable). Following are excerpts from 3 Essential criteria and 1 Desirable criterion.


Extensive experience and management expertise in administration of course, Faculty, University and Government policies and legislation…

In my role with RRR, I was primarily responsible for managing the complex selection process of International Medical Graduates (IMGs) to Australia. This required accuracy and a keen an eye for detail during the entire process, which I conducted in several stages. The first stage involved reviewing hundreds of written applications in order to select a shortlist of approximately 10 applicants for more detailed consideration. Several critical factors were taken into consideration when short listing candidates including current English proficiency scores (IELTS), qualifications from acceptable overseas medical institutions, and review of recent Australian Medical Council (AMC) examination scores. Once the process of checking applicants’ documentation and verifying their qualifications had been completed, the second phase of the selection process began. This involved collecting ‘proof of identify’ documentation (passports) and thereafter, organising clinical exams for candidates in Australia.

Whilst in this role, I also worked closely with a colleague on the administration of Commonwealth Supported Places, Bonded Medical Places and Rural Bonded Scholarship Places. As part of the recruitment team, I assisted during the very busy periods involving the initial settling in period of the medical students. Overall, my role at RRR required a comprehensive understanding of the Federal government visa requirements for IMGs and the AMC ‘proof of identify’ requirements for all candidates wishing to work in Australia.

Demonstrated ability to manage and supervise casual staff with an understanding of the University’s requirements in staff matters…

In my most recent role at SSS Pty Ltd, I supervised 25 contracted home-based career advisors which typically involved providing weekly mentoring sessions when advisors were faced with difficult customers, or just to debrief when they had a difficult and long session. I also provided a ‘menu’ of weekly professional development webinars or guest speakers on topics that assisted in further developing their skills and knowledge base. Several of the advisors initially had difficulty accepting DEEWR guidelines. This required providing regular reminders on utilising DEEWR’s approved services only, such as government websites or government funded services. A major part of this role also required conducting quality assurance on advisors’ recorded conversations with customers who called the free career advice line for information.

As the Owner and Director of an employment service business, over a six year period I recruited, supervised and trained five full time staff and 12 casual trainers in order to effectively deliver DEEWR-funded services to the general public. Government tender contracts required adherence to Equal Employment Opportunities, diversity of staff, the provision of a workplace in accordance with Workplace Health and Safety guidelines, and continuous opportunities for professional development and training of staff.

Ability to work independently with broad direction…

In the past, I have worked independently on project managing over 10 complex outplacement programs as a contractor across Victoria for Australia Defence, Toyota, Nissan, Myer and Telstra. During my tenure with SSS Pty Ltd, I was extremely autonomous requiring that I complete tasks in my home-based office in an unsupervised capacity. I reported directly to the Project Manager on a weekly basis and communicated daily by email and phone as needed. When career advisors experienced a problem, their calls were immediately escalated to me via mobile phone; I was available between 8am and 8pm during the week. My key accountability in this role was to provide support to home-based career advisors and to manage the quality monitoring process aimed at addressing the needs of Australians affected by the Global Financial Crisis. I provided all contracted career advisors with a timely resolution of all products and service questions; and provided immediate objective feedback to each advisor on a daily/weekly basis if their ratings dropped below 93%.


Demonstrated ability to use and implement new IT systems, including SPSS, to support administrative processes…

Whilst employed with FM Corp, I developed a sophisticated online assessment tool for the medical recruitment industry that led to the reduction of the manual assessment process of overseas doctors’ applications. This tool significantly reduced hours of laborious manual work resulting in a streamlined 15 minute automated process. The tool was rolled out and piloted with the support of Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) and the Australian New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA).

At SSS Pty Ltd, I learnt to use the most sophisticated up-to-date call recording technology; this type of technology is universally used in most call centre operations. I undertook intensive and regular training on how to use the system. Thereafter, I accessed an in-house campfire chat room to monitor the checking of logs (either in real time or the next work day) to ensure the information provided was correct and input accurately into the system; and to maintain awareness of any issues between career advisors or with the system.

Although I have not used SPSS, I do have knowledge that it is a computer program specifically used for statistical analysis. My proficiency in learning and grasping the use of new systems and databases will facilitate quick learning, understanding and utilisation of the program.

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Annie Cerone