This particular client applied for the above-named role in one of the Victorian local Council establishments and gained a job interview. A four-page document was prepared covering a total of 12 criteria encompassing three main sections: Qualifications and Experience, Technology, Interpersonal. Following is a full example of one of the criteria.

Broad knowledge of activities and operations of Local Government.

Working for the YYY Council has provided me with broad knowledge of various activities and operations of Local Government. I believe this transfer of knowledge would be of value in understanding the City of WWW’s operations. I have knowledge of YYY Council’s local laws and legislation which help to provide a pleasant environment for residents, businesses and visitors. Several of these local laws include: Animal Control; Consumption of Liquor in a Public Place; Meeting Procedure and Use of Common Seal; National Competition Policy;  Open Air Burning; Roadside Trading; Public Amenity; Signs of Streets and Roads; and Footpath Trading Policy. The YYY Council has developed a sustainability framework which identifies strategic objectives that contribute to the sustainability of its community and organisation. All of the activities contribute to one or more of these objectives and are guided by its values and sustainable excellence principles. The Council’s values include honesty and trust, clear and open communication, leading by example, listening to others, and embracing diversity and difference. In 2009, the Council developed eight Sustainable Excellence Principles which guide decisions and actions in every area of its activities. These principles have been adapted from the Business Excellence Framework and are used as a basis for ensuring sustainable outcomes for its community and organisation.

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Annie Cerone