This particular client applied for the above-named role in one of the Victorian local Council establishments and gained a job interview. A 4-page document was prepared covering a total of 12 criteria encompassing three main sections: Qualifications and Experience, Technology, and Interpersonal. Following are full excerpts of four criteria from two of the sections.


Records management qualifications (post trade certificate or post qualification below diploma or degree) and/or possess demonstrated experience in an Information/Records management role…

In my role current role with the YYY Council as a Business Support Officer in the Emergency and Safety Planning department, and previously as an Administrative Support Officer – Asset Maintenance and Infrastructure Services, I receive and allocate customer requests on a daily basis to field officers ensuring detailed information is adequately recorded and maintained to reflect the current situation of each request. I register new requests and allocate these to the appropriate officer. Certain request categories are also updated onto several departmental databases to enable reconciliation on a regular basis.

Broad knowledge of activities and operations of Local Government…

Working for the YYY Council has provided me with broad knowledge of various activities and operations of Local Government. I believe this transfer of knowledge would be of value in understanding the City of WWW’s operations. I have knowledge of YYY Council’s local laws and legislation which help to provide a pleasant environment for residents, businesses and visitors. Several of these local laws include: Animal Control; Consumption of Liquor in a Public Place; Meeting Procedure and Use of Common Seal; National Competition Policy;  Open Air Burning; Roadside Trading; Public Amenity; Signs of Streets and Roads; and Footpath Trading Policy. The YYY Council has developed a sustainability framework which identifies strategic objectives that contribute to the sustainability of its community and organisation. All of the activities contribute to one or more of these objectives and are guided by its values and sustainable excellence principles. The Council’s values include honesty and trust, clear and open communication, leading by example, listening to others, and embracing diversity and difference. In 2009, the Council developed eight Sustainable Excellence Principles which guide decisions and actions in every area of its activities. These principles have been adapted from the Business Excellence Framework and are used as a basis for ensuring sustainable outcomes for its community and organisation.


Requires effective verbal and written communications skills…

Both my verbal and written communication skills are of a very high standard. Over the last 15 months in my role at the YYY Council, I have handled many incoming calls on a daily basis mainly from residents in relation to various concerns. Examples include: issues relating to the 10/30 rule in regard to the removal of trees on private property where no permit is currently required; concerns regarding property containing long grass and is considered a fire hazard; overhanging branches extending from one property into another; and rubbish dumped on roadside reserves. I competently answer questions and offer advice on a range of Council activities. I ensure the provision of accurate information to callers (community residents) at all times and always call them back to discuss relevant outcomes or timelines. On a daily basis, I communicate with a diverse range of stakeholders including the general public, Councillors and management across all levels. Regarding my written communication skills, I compile and prepare extensive notes taken whilst in attendance at executive meetings. These are then disseminated to all stakeholders (both internal and external) who attended the meetings.

Ability to provide on the job training to others…

In my current role, I provide on the job training to other staff members. I have instructed staff in the Emergency and Safety Planning Department on how to correctly attach documents into Dataworks; how to process invoices requiring approval in Finance 1; and how to search for past correspondence by referencing certain criteria in order to correct and relevant obtain information. Training is undertaking on a one-on-one basis; I sit with each staff member and practically show them how to undertake the steps, and then watch them perform the process themselves whilst providing ongoing guidance and direction. I explain processes to staff in a clear and methodical manner, encourage the asking of questions, and exercise patience at all times, appreciating that each individual has a different learning style.

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