This client gained a job interview for the role of Coordinator, Community Engagement within the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS). A total of six criteria were required to be addressed; following is a full example of one of the criteria.

Demonstrated expertise in the design, development and implementation of communication materials and stakeholder management processes, tools and training.

In my current role as a Business Process Support Analyst with CCC Pty Ltd, I work closely with our engagement and implementation team with regard to systems information and requirements. My role requires me to develop and produce new training documentation and course material for our end users, ready for the implementation of a new Information System (IS) system. I developed a training manual to be utilised by all of our nationwide inventory controllers. This training reference document is a one-step guide encompassing every new transaction and process in the system, and provides detailed step-by-step examples.

I am also the project lead for a system replacement and the key stakeholder who liaises between our IS implementation team and external third party customers. I have the responsibility of ensuring that change management issues are collated and disseminated to all business areas and personnel. To ensure this occurs smoothly, I developed and implemented a ‘Post Card’ PDF document that is mailed to both internal and external end users. These postcards contain a listing and outline of all the key changes that are about to take place in the coming weeks. This documentation is a concisely written one-page reference guide (a focal point of reference) informing all end users on the status of the project, how we are tracking for time, and what to expect in the coming weeks and months. Overall, the feedback received from internal and external stakeholders has been very positive. I have received verbal and written commendation expressing appreciation on the dissemination of regular updates as to what stage the project is at, the expectations of the business, and what the business can expect next. General feedback received indicates that team members of the business who have nothing to do with the project are also enjoying the regular updates.

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Annie Cerone