This particular client applied for a role with an APS Government Department as a Claims Services Officer. She gained an interview, was offered the role and gladly accepted. Five criteria needed to be addressed utilising the Integrated Leadership Framework (ILF). Following is a full example of one of the criteria.

Cultivates productive working relationships.

Currently employed with CCC in the capacity of Team Member within the EM division, I was recently given the responsibility of project managing, administering and facilitating changes to the CCC Contact System. The system was primarily established to improve CCC’s response to emergencies by having a skilled and prepared Emergency Reserve ready to respond immediately to emergencies of varying size and impact. As the Project Manager, my primary role was to improve capabilities within the system that would enable our division to accurately and promptly report on staff in specific areas throughout Australia and to use their skills and strengths to search for the most appropriate staff for deployment to a disaster area when required.

Whilst designing and developing the system to incorporate these capabilities, I established relationships with various key internal stakeholders in order to work collaboratively in designing and implementing a new system for CCC employees so that they may volunteer and assist the public in the event of a disaster or emergency. Internal stakeholders included the IT department, the design and implementation team, and the human resources department. I also implemented a new marketing strategy to span across the entire Human Services Portfolio encompassing Medicare and the Department of Human Services in order to recruit all staff and new graduate entrants.

Building relationships with stakeholders was a key factor in the success of this project in order to deliver the best possible service in quick response time to the public in the event of an emergency or disaster. When I took over project management responsibilities, I initiated communications with all the key stakeholders and facilitated regular meetings with them in order to discuss each of our roles and the status of the project’s progress. For those stakeholders who were out-posted, I conducted regular discussions via phone and prepared and disseminated written correspondence to all stakeholders so that everyone was kept well informed and up-to-date with the progress of the design of the system, errors requiring correction, and to assist each other. I formed an excellent relationship with one group; I facilitated regular meetings, a strong rapport was established and I garnered praise on my ability to work collaboratively and my approachable and supportive manner.

Overall, I received positive feedback from all stakeholders upon completion of the project in terms of my positive and proactive approach; my clear understanding of staffing requirements; and the professional manner in which I conducted myself throughout the entire process of the project life cycle. The project was completed on time, within budget and in accordance with quality standards.

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Annie Cerone