This particular client had been working at Centrelink for the past four years when she commissioned my services to apply for the above-named internal role. Five criteria required addressing (up to ¾ to 1 page in length maximum) utilising the APS ILF. She gained an interview and was offered and accepted the role. Following are excerpts from three of the five criteria.

Understanding of Centrelink’s strategic environment…

In my current role as a National Scheduler at Centrelink, I construct and modify schedules that best allow Centrelink Call to meet its KPIs and Service Levels. This involves the application of research, interpretation and problem solving skills. In November 2008, I developed a database that would allow multi access for site reports used during the schedule build phase. This involved conducting research with other schedulers on the best available processes. I then created an appropriate tool, published a comprehensive instruction sheet and forwarded it to other sites for utilisation. This resulted in a significant reduction in time which further led to reduced costs for the organisation.

In November 2008, Centrelink’s XXX division redesigned the Schedule Build process in order to develop quality schedules that would improve Service Levels and Customer Demand. Prior to initiating this new process, I was extensively involved in the strategic planning and implementation of procedures. In so doing, I actively participated in decision making processes during the schedule build, assisted in identifying any issues, and selected the best possible options to resolve issues. Throughout the redesign process, I engaged with team members, other outposted teams, site schedulers, Call Canberra, and Business teams to ensure our processes were current for adaptation in order to further improve productivity. As a senior scheduler in the team, I made informed decisions relating to scheduling and in the absence of my Team Leader, I also advised on practices that would best suit business needs.

Achieves results…

My strong record of success at Centrelink demonstrates my solid capacity to deliver quality outcomes and to meet strict deadlines. I have achieved solid results against KPIs across several key areas. I have developed schedules in accordance with WWW and CC operations manuals and taskcards provided. When scheduling national training for sites, I ensure that at least 90% of available CSAs are scheduled. This is achieved by selecting dates and times based on the availability of CSAs whilst ensuring National Guidelines are met. In addition, checking Part Time Contracts sent through from the site are completed correctly and negotiated in accordance with Centrelink’s Part Time Contract Guidelines. I enter Part Time Contracts into a database and Totalview by a set deadline for the next schedule generation. These schedules have been completed within set deadlines; I have met this target with every schedule build over the past 19 months. Furthermore, I have consistently received positive feedback from my Team Leader during coaching sessions and in my bi-annual performance reviews in this regard.

I regularly check my work progress on a daily basis. An important aspect of my role is being aware of the implications my work has on Centrelink’s business goals and objectives. In so doing, I rely on and utilise various tools including Blobbies and the Date/Time Range block via the Centrelink Call Preference Tool (CCPT) to assist me in planning and prioritising goals, and re-prioritising tasks throughout the day as required. I manage my workload and deadlines using well developed time management skills; monitor my progress using checklists; reference and adhere to relevant procedures; and liaise regularly with the Forecasting Team, Business Teams, and site schedulers in order to achieve positive outcomes for the business unit. Importantly, to ensure that I am progressively improving my own development and producing good quality work, I regularly carry out self assessments to determine areas that require further improvement; I encourage other staff members to provide feedback on my work outcomes and how I can further develop my skills; and I act on constructive feedback received from my Team Leader through regular coaching sessions.

Communicates with influence…

Regarding my written communication skills, I provide subject matter and policy advice on scheduling and other activities undertaken by the outposted site. This involves drafting responses to complex correspondence; and investigating, developing and presenting written documentation outlining recommendations on how to improve scheduling processes and practices. In my current role, I am also the key contact person responsible for developing, maintaining and folioing the team’s filing system. Using my competent written communication skills, I developed a register that streamlined the process of tracking file content and location using an online database.

An important aspect of my role as a National Scheduler is to actively listen to the requirements, feedback and ideas of others and to respond accordingly. This involves providing and receiving advice; discussing a possible solution to a problem in a collaborative manner with team members; and acting on an instruction provided. For example, when a site scheduler recently called and advised that their site was re-structuring their Leadership Team, he requested advice on how he could implement the changes in an efficient and prompt manner. I advised him to promptly email me with the request. I was then able to make the necessary changes within Totalview before the schedule generation was due to occur later that day. As a result, I saved both myself and the site scheduler considerable time in the re-work involved in building the new schedules.

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