This particular client applied for an Internal Auditor’s role within a QLD government department and gained an interview. The application process required the preparation of a two-page Expression of Interest (EOI). Six selection criteria required addressing; the following content outlines three of the six criteria.

Teamwork and Collaboration:

In my current position as Assistant Finance Officer with the Department of ABC, and previously as a Restaurant Manager with the Collins Food Group (KFC), I utilised my leadership qualities including trust, honesty and approachability, and regular acknowledgement of my staff and team’s performance to assist in building a cohesive and productive team environment. On one particular instance, KFC’s head office advised that an external auditing company would be visiting our store on a specified day to conduct an evaluation of the store. This evaluation would cover food handling, cash handling, cleanliness of the store, health and safety, and customer service. I initiated a staff meeting (36 in attendance) and explained to the staff the importance of doing well in this audit as it reflected on the store, our team and the company as whole. I offered my ideas and perspectives to the team and facilitated and open forum discussion asking for their thoughts as to how to effectively prepare for the evaluation. As a group, we collaborated and reached a unanimous decision to implement the process of setting up an after hours cleaning roster for the week prior to the evaluation. Subsequently, the store received an excellent result for the evaluation, and additional positive feedback was provided on how well I managed the store and how well we worked together as a team.

Analytical and Research Skills:

In my previous position, I conducted regular internal audits and compliance checks on finances. This required me to examine and analyse information to aid and benefit in the operations of managing a successful restaurant. The information included bank account statements, balance sheets, profit and loss statements, salaries and key performance indicators. Upon analysis of the information, I was then able to identify any areas of risk or loss. This was demonstrated when I identified a significant issue after examination of the Eftpos business statements. After further investigation, discussions with staff and the Collins Food Group’s main banking corporation, I determined that both staff and customers were at fault. I prepared my findings including a thorough outline of my recommendations in order to create positive change. From these findings the Group had to recover the loss of these incidents. This then required me to rectify store procedures and maintain a tighter budget to increase profit. Subsequently, my knowledge and experience of financial statements enabled me to effectively analyse and identify an area of risk. This finding resulted in my team working more collaboratively which further led to greater staff diligence in the use of Eftpos facilities.

Results Orientation:

I utilise a collaborative approach to achieve results by drawing upon the knowledge and skills of myself and other team members in order to channel efforts towards clear and unambiguous goals. In my previous role, I set a goal to be placed in the top 20 restaurants in Queensland for 2008. This was encouraged by the Collins Food Group in order to increase revenue and profits. To achieve this goal, I was required meet all key performance indicators (KPIs) on an ongoing monthly basis. KPIs included labour guidelines, customer service, product wastage, evaluation, staff performance, and cash sales. I outlined both my personal and company goals then put them forward in a quarterly staff meeting to encourage and facilitate the team in helping me to achieve these goals. I also implemented several staff awards including excellence in customer service, cleanliness, and employee of the month. Subsequently, the goals set were all achieved and the store went on to receive several awards including: meeting company labour guidelines; placing third in Queensland for customer service excellence; and placing sixth in Queensland on overall KPI results.

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