This particular client applied for an Internal Auditor’s role within a QLD government department and gained an interview. The application process required the preparation of a two-page Expression of Interest (EOI). Six selection criteria required addressing; a full example of one of the criteria follows.

Teamwork and Collaboration.

In my current role as Assistant Finance Officer with the Department of ABC, and previously as a Manager with XYZ, I utilised my leadership qualities including trust, honesty and approachability, and regularly acknowledged individual staff members and my team’s performance in building a cohesive and productive team environment. In one instance, XYZ’s head office advised that an external auditing company would be visiting our store on a specified day to conduct an evaluation of the store. This evaluation would cover food handling, cash handling, cleanliness of the store, health and safety, and customer service. I initiated a staff meeting (36 in attendance) and explained to the staff the importance of doing well in this audit as it reflected on the store, our team and the company as a whole. I offered my ideas and perspectives to the team and facilitated an open forum discussion asking for their thoughts as to how to effectively prepare for the evaluation. As a group, we collaborated and reached a unanimous decision to implement the process of setting up an after-hours cleaning roster for the week prior to the evaluation. Subsequently, the store received an excellent result for the evaluation, and additional positive feedback was provided on how well I managed the store and how well we worked together as a team.

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Annie Cerone