One of my many repeat business clients gained a job interview for the role of Assistant Director, Document Quality Improvement in APS Government. Five criteria required addressing; following are excerpts from two of the criteria.

Demonstrated ability to manage multiple activities to achieve quality results to the customer’s satisfaction.

In my current role as Online Communications Officer at DDD Association, I was tasked with coordinating systems processes and information between the Marketing Communication section and all business units toward the end of 2009. The organisation recently moved intranet content to a wiki open source system. The business units responsible for delivering information were experiencing difficulty with providing coordinated communications internally which consequentially affected the quality of the end product. To deliver quality service to internal stakeholders, I published a reference intranet page which included the brand guide and manual, logo, and guidelines on how to use the brand effectively. I also coordinated with the DDD business units to ensure the content and unit document management system was current and valid and met organisational business objectives. The flow-on effect from establishing positive relationships with internal stakeholders provided consistent and accurate information. This proved to be essential to further influence groups to update content on a regular basis. I also developed a forms directory, listing all DDD forms for quick retrieval by Defence personnel which resulted in the reduction of email traffic to the webmaster as Defence families were emailing and expressing their frustration with difficultly in locating specific forms on the website. The working relationship between the two business units is now cohesive and has enabled the free-flow of information that has resulted in clear content delivery to external stakeholders including Defence members and families.

Ability to research, analyse and recommend actions on current and evolving information and communication technologies (ICTs).

As Project Manager at the Australian Government XXX (AGXXX), I was contracted to undertake an ICT review project. To facilitate the project, I researched, compiled and analysed internal intelligence information by undertaking high-level interactions with SES and Director-level staff, and relevant Government departments and agencies. The process required developing an effective software tool. This involved assessing the System Design Life Cycle (SDLC) of software models that stakeholders would use to develop these systems. Software system options I analysed and recommended included a Linux platform within an existing intranet Share Point environment which supported functionality requirements using free and open source software collaboration ideal for users; and PostgreSQL (an object-relational database management system) used to map interactions between AGXXX project groups and stakeholders within an on-line Share Point environment. Recommended strategies resulted in the establishment and implementation of a program for the effective development and delivery of messages relating to the ICT Reform Program.

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Annie Cerone