This particular client applied for a role within Queensland Health as an Administration Officer. She gained an interview and was offered and accepted the role. A two-page statement addressing key competencies in cover letter format was required. The majority of State (Qld) government departments have streamlined the selection criteria component where only a two-page statement is now required as part of the written application process. Following is a full example of one of the competencies.

Committed to learning and continuous improvement.

I am committed to ongoing professional and personal development. During my employment with BBB Pty Ltd, I have completed in-house training across several key areas, including customer service, complaints resolution, training staff, and time management techniques. In learning the use of new computer applications upon first commencing at BBB Pty Ltd,  I allocated time throughout my workday to enhance my working knowledge and skills and to familiarise myself with the more complex features of each application. I have improved my keyboard skills: increasing my speed from 25wpm up to 60wpm with 98% accuracy. This was achieved by practising outside of work hours and undertaking online skills testing. I have also completed my Blue Card (Child Care) and Senior First Aid Certificate every year since 2005; and a Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) Certificate, held since 2003 and renewed every two years. Furthermore, over the past two years, I have completed a training course in Armed Holdup and Security Selection; and every six months over the past five years, a course in Fire Evacuation and Safety Training.

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Annie Cerone