This particular client applied for a role within Queensland Health as an Administration Officer. She gained an interview and was offered and accepted the role. A two-page statement addressing key competencies in cover letter format was required. The majority of State (Qld) government departments have streamlined the selection criteria component where only a two-page statement is now required as part of the written application process. Following are full excerpts from three of the five key areas that were developed.

Experience in multi-tasking to complete a range of administrative tasks…

In my current role as Duty Manager and Administration Assistant with BBB Pty Ltd, I am required to multi-task on any given day to ensure prompt, timely and accurate completion of task work. It is quite common where I am required to manage several tasks concurrently. Recently, I juggled several tasks simultaneously on one particular day within a 10 minute period. Task involved selling a ticket to a customer, dealing with a telephone enquiry, processing a customer refund, as well as discussing an urgent issue with a staff member. When working a shift in a management capacity, I also undertake ‘hands-on’ practical type task work on top of my usual day-to-day administrative responsibilities. For example, I may need to email head office with a query, call another department within head office to deal with another query or issue, contact a neighbouring location to assist me with stock or staffing, whilst maintaining regular communication with staff about what is happening. On top of this, I would be selling tickets, preparing food and beverage, and performing general cleaning and maintenance duties. Whilst I am in the process of cleaning and maintaining equipment, I am very often required to follow up with communication from other staff in relation to issues that require my immediate attention. My aptitude in multi-tasking has been recognised by my supervisors and other managers, and I have been praised accordingly, both informally and formally via performance appraisals.

Able to work autonomously and as a team member to prioritise work and achieve outcomes…

At BBB Pty Ltd, I work for the majority of each shift unsupervised. It is imperative that I pay extra attention to detail ensuring 100% accuracy in order to reconcile end-of-day cash balances. I handle numerous customers on a daily basis; for those customers who are angry or frustrated, I manage the situation with professionalism and discretion and with no assistance from the Assistant or General Manager as I am the only staff member on shift whilst performing the Duty Manager role. I attend and actively participate in regular weekly and monthly team meetings with fellow location staff members to determine and set weekly targets; to verbalise any issues or concerns; to explain the process in handling challenging customers, and on how we can improve on certain work processes. Furthermore, I manage business transactions and work as part of a team when assisting front-end customer service team members on various matters relating to new and existing customers whilst still maintaining focus on the development and maintenance of solid work practices.

Committed to learning and continuous improvement…

I am committed to ongoing professional and personal development. During my employment with BBB Pty Ltd, I have completed in-house training across several key areas, including: customer service, complaints resolution, training staff, and time management techniques. In learning the use of new computer applications upon first commencing at BBB Pty Ltd,  I allocated time throughout my work day to enhance my working knowledge and skills and to familiarise myself with the more complex features on each application. I have improved my keyboard skills: increasing my speed from 25wpm up to 60wpm with 98% accuracy. This was achieved by practising outside of work hours and undertaking online skills testing. I have also completed my Blue Card (Child Care) and Senior First Aid Certificate every year since 2005; and a Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) Certificate, held since 2003 and renewed every two years. Furthermore, over the past two years, I have completed a training course in Armed Holdup and Security Selection; and every six months over the past five years, a course in Fire Evacuation and Safety Training.

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Annie Cerone