This particular client applied for a role in a State (Qld) Government department, gained an interview and was offered and accepted the role. As stated in previous blogs many of Qld’s departments have streamlined the selection criteria component which now requires the addressing of criteria (or competencies) in a two-page statement. For this application, the criteria were based on the Capability Leadership Framework (CLF) which is derived from the Australian Public Service (APS) Integrated Leadership System (ILS). I have previously posted blogs on the ILS. Just to recap, the APS ILS comprises five key criteria: Supports Strategic Direction, Achieves Results, Supports Productive Working Relationships, Displays Personal Drive and Integrity, and Communicates with Influence. Following are excerpts from three of the five criteria.

Supports strategic direction…

In my various roles as an Accountant, I have regularly analysed financial reports and conducted further research to determine the reasons behind discrepancies when identified. Previously employed as a Financial Accountant with MMM Australia Pty Ltd between 2008 and 2009, I analysed financial reports on a monthly basis, carefully examining sales/revenue, operating expenses and cost of goods sold figures for the purpose of improving sales and minimising costs. On any given month, MMM’s gross profit margin should have been at the target level of 64%; on one particular month the margin calculated was at 58%. I conducted a thorough analysis of the sales figures for each customer (approximately 80 in total), comparing actual sales figures with forecasted figures. I identified that another of MMM’s departments (logistics) had entered the incorrect date on several of the invoices (dating them in next month’s cycle instead of in the current monthly cycle). I discussed this issue with both the Managing Director (MD) and personnel within the logistics department and stipulated that invoices should be dated on the day that the product is sent out to customers. Subsequently, from this point forward, the logistics department effected this change and the resultant monthly gross profit margin remained on target.

Achieves results…

I apply a solid project management approach, driving projects to ensure on time completion in line with budgetary requirements. Upon commencement in my current role as an Accountant with EI Pty Ltd in April 2010, I examined the accounting system in use (MYOB AccountRight Plus) and determined the need for an upgrade to a better system which also incorporated the integration of multi-user log in account functionality. I discussed my recommendations with the Director whereupon I was given the responsibility of project managing a change over in the accounting system; the migration from MYOB AccountRight Plus to MYOB AccountRight Premier. I set myself a three month time frame for completion and roll out. I purchased the new software and installed and configured it onto three computers; I set up a standardised chart of accounts and all required banking information for each entity (totalling nine) in the system; I matched up coding from old to the new system and transferred the data. As a result, the new system allowed for quicker data entry due to a standardised coding system; allowed for simultaneous multi-user log in; and the consolidation of accounts process was now much quicker and easier to undertake. Overall the new system streamlined the company’s financial and accounting practices, significantly reducing complexities and saving a considerable amount of time. The project was completed well within the time frame I had initially set: in six weeks.

Supports productive working relationships…

In my previous role at MMM Australia Pty Ltd, I worked closely with the MD and Sales Director (SD) and actively participated in daily meetings (with both of them in attendance) to discuss the company’s financial status. I facilitated a collaborative and participative working environment with both Directors as it was imperative that I report accurate and up-to-date sales figures on a daily basis in order for them to then utilise this information to make the necessary changes to sales processes if required. I provided ongoing support to both Directors by regularly asking if they required assistance. I regularly instructed the SD on system operation functionality, in particular, how to access and retrieve information. As the MD travelled overseas on a regular basis, there were occasions where he would ask me to transfer funds to the corporate credit card for emergency use; I performed this promptly, at times very late in the evening in order to accommodate his request. I regularly provided support and instructed colleagues on how to use Microsoft Excel to create various spreadsheets and incorporate formula. Sharing my knowledge in this regard (as I was very strong in this area) facilitated a more productive team where tasks were completed in a timelier manner. My willingness to assist others was duly recognised by both management and staff.

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