This client applied for a Finance and HR role within one of Australia’s leading universities. She was called up for an interview and succeeded in landing the position. The selection criteria component required addressing three key areas (Qualifications, Experience, Attributes) encompassing eight criteria in total. Following are excerpts from two of the criteria.

Qualifications – Year 12 certificate and extensive relevant work experience or equivalent combination of experience and training.

In 2008 I completed a post-graduate Diploma in Business and Administration majoring in Human Resource Management. I have applied various human resource (HR) principles within the workplace through the knowledge gained in my studies. Several of the principles include HR development, organisational behaviour, performance management and employment relations. I have a solid understanding of documentation relating to recruitment and selection processes within the nursing industry. This knowledge can be transferred and applied in the Finance and HR Assistant position. Whilst undertaking polling place manager duties in the New Zealand general elections, I oversaw the management of a small team of public voting processes which also involved undertaking receipting transactions, checks and balances. I have independently been involved in and participated in team meetings and training. In January 2009 I completed my professional (nursing) development portfolio which required the provision of evidence and validation of professional development programs attended and the staff training I conducted. I have supervised and delegated workloads to team members in order to provide a consistent and efficient service of client care. In summary, I have outstanding organisational skills and a vast amount of experience in prioritisation and performing administrative duties in a timely manner.

Experience – Ability to undertake payroll and financial processes and a willingness to develop knowledge and skills in a broad range of HR and financial functions.

In my various nursing roles, I have been involved in mentoring staff in my area of work, and have used an orientation document to ensure that specific needs and areas in the workplace are covered. I have supervised and delegated work duties to staff by overseeing their completion, advising on best possible methods to use in order to complete the tasks effectively, and providing constructive feedback on the manner in which staff perform their tasks. I am a competent administrator and pick up on new tasks and procedures very quickly. In both my nursing roles and that of a customer service assistant I have been commended on my ability to quickly learn and understand new processes. Therefore, I would be more than capable of learning and developing the relevant skills associated with both HR and financial type tasks in the Finance and HR Assistant position.

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Annie Cerone