This particular client applied for the role of Administration Team Leader within State (QLD) Government – specifically, in Queensland Health – and was successful in going through to the job interview stage, was offered and accepted the role. Following are part excerpts from two of the five selection criteria which required to be addressed in a two-page cover letter format.

Planning and Prioritisation:
Planning, prioritising and organising are ongoing in my current role of Volunteer Manager. I prioritise tasks by classification; assigning each of them High, Medium or Low priority. I reply to the High priority requests within two to four hours, medium priority request within two to three days, and low priority within seven days. I use my diary to flag these dates. To ensure volunteers are adequately supported in their roles in the hospital I forward the ‘Guidelines for Departments Utilizing Volunteers’ document requesting completion prior to recruiting a volunteer. This ensures work assigned to volunteers is meaningful and significant, both to the hospital and the volunteer and that no regulations are violated. It also covers the need to form a mutually beneficial partnership and that ongoing support will be provided by the Department Head. My organisational and planning skills are also used to bring together large groups of people and to accurately estimate time and effort required to complete each task. I develop schedules and timetables with clear specific deadlines. I also identify critical tasks, arrange the tasks in logical order, establish priorities and use a ‘to do’ list to ensure all criteria are met.

Continuous Improvement:
As the Manager of the Volunteer Services Unit, I initiate improvements to processes; in particular, implementation of safety and quality initiatives. I am a driver in improving quality and leading change in line with the department’s strategic direction. This is achieved by meeting regularly with key stakeholders to assess volunteer activity within the areas where service is provided. Presently, the hospital is nearing handover to Digital Hospital; I have been working closely with the Digital Team to identify areas that will benefit from volunteer support. As the volunteers play an integral role in supporting staff and patients, I rostered extra volunteer support in areas within the hospital where the implementation of Digital Hospital will have the greatest impact. As the hospital is patient-focused care, I identified areas around the patient experience where volunteers can support a patient’s journey. I have used this knowledge in my Process Improvement Officer role within CCC Services to improve the patient journey and overall customer service when visiting the hospital. For example, I was designated the task of developing a Customer Service Charter and Customer Experience training plan to improve the provision of customer service across Corporate Services. The plan outlined relevant tasks and activities for inclusion which resulted in the delivery of measured expected outcomes.

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