Last night I attended a very informative free-of-charge (FOC) 2-hour seminar/workshop in the Brisbane suburb of Morningside. The seminar was conducted by Gayl Regina (who is the Founder and Director of Inspirational Life) and her highly motivating team and business associates. The workshop was titled: ‘The Top 5 Mistakes People Make in their Career and What to Do About It!’ For the entire session, the audience was totally engaged and the energy in the room was very positive.

I’m advising you all, especially those of you who reside in Brisbane to come along to the next 2-hour FOC workshop on ‘What is Coaching and How Can It Benefit Me’. The workshop will be held on Tuesday 19th April 2011 starting at 7am at the Colmslie Hotel which is located on the corner of Wynnum and Junction Roads in Morningside. I will once again be in attendance to support Gayl and the Inspirational Life team.

For those of you who have visited my site and frequently read my blogs or are first time visitors, I ask you to attend the workshop if you have the opportunity. I would love to see you there and you will leave the session with invaluable information. If you are interested in attending, please contact Inspirational Life on 1300 511 977 or email

If you are interested in reading more on Inspirational Life and what they can offer you, please visit their website:

I hope to see you there on Tuesday night! If you decide to attend, please introduce yourself at the end of the session. It will give me great pleasure to meet my blog readers face-to-face.


Annie Cerone