Resume by Design provides a cover letter writing service that maximises your chances of gaining interviews and differentiates you from other candidates. Cover letters or application letters – both terms are used interchangeably – are fundamentally sales/marketing-related type letters that must exude confidence. You can maximise your chances of securing job interviews by writing solid cover letters tailored to each role.

The biggest mistake made when writing cover letters is trying to pack too much in and writing in a story-telling, narrative manner. This does the complete opposite of grabbing one’s attention. A cover letter must highlight and reinforce key achievements and skills relevant to the role. You do not simply copy and paste what you have in your resume – this is a big no-no.

Always keep the cover letter to one (1) page unless otherwise specified: structured with an introduction, body, conclusion; minimum and maximum of three (3) and five (5) paragraphs respectively. Write a new cover letter for every application, especially when applying for jobs in different fields; use each one as a master template. For example, if you are applying for roles as a data entry officer, create a cover letter for this field; for roles in the customer service field, then create another cover letter.