Cover Letter Writing

Strategies to Write a Winning Cover Letter

I am one of the many industry professionals that will tell you the importance of including a cover letter to accompany your resume. Although the jury is still out on this one; debate is still flaring amongst industry professionals like myself as to the importance of writing and including a cover letter with your job application. My professional recommendation is to do one, and one [...]

Tips for Using Resume and Cover Letter Keywords

I am pleased to introduce you to Kelly Smith from CourseFinder who is a guest contributor to my blog. Kelly also provides career advice for students and job seekers, and is as a freelance writer. She has written a great article outlining tips on using keywords in both your resume and cover letter. Enjoy the reading ... Today's overcrowded job market has significantly changed not [...]

Job Selection Process Changes

I would like to share with you some details on an interesting excerpt in the ‘Recruiter Daily' I read this morning regarding a charter that has been developed (its still in draft form), which will be open to changes pending the results of a large survey being undertaken on current recruitment processes (both with recruitment agencies and employers). The charter covers up to 10 key [...]

Cover Letters / Job Application Letters – Part of the resume writing package

Follow these basic yet very important guidelines: Write a new cover letter for every application. You don’t necessarily need to create a new letter from scratch, what you can do is create a standard template and use this to rewrite/tweak for each new application especially if you’re applying for the same type of positions. However, if you’re applying for completely different jobs, for example a [...]

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