When clients commission me to conduct one-on-one job interview coaching sessions, I prepare specifically-tailored job interview questions relevant to the role and in readiness for their upcoming job interview. The questions I prepare for the coaching sessions are not basic; I like to challenge my clients to think in-depth and laterally. Clients have found the job interview coaching sessions an invaluable preparation tool which helps to expand their mindset and to look at different approaches to answering tough questions. Following are questions I have prepared for several clients’ job interview coaching sessions for seven different roles; two questions for each role are outlined.

Director in the APS for an IT-related role:

How have you led and managed the resources of a section/business unit to deliver its agreed work program on time, on budget and to the specified level of quality?

What strategies have you devised and implemented to improve the technical skills of your team?

School/College Principal:

How would you express your understanding of what our school stands for and how does this fit with your personal educational philosophy?

What do you consider to be your greatest contribution to the schools you have worked in; in light of that, what do you feel you can bring to our school?

Technical Manager:

Describe the most significant ICT project you have managed to date?

What is your experience in risk management and how have you evaluated risk management on previous ICT projects?

Finance/Accounts Officer:

What weekly and monthly deadlines do you meet in your current or most recent role? How do you go about organising your schedule to ensure they are met?

What type of reconciliations have you had experience in and which is the most voluminous? What do you do when you identify discrepancies in balancing?

Sales Executive:

Give an example of when you had to change your approach when approaching a prospective customer because the initial one failed?

What major customers did you target and close in the last 12 months in your current or most recent role? How did this impact on the bottom line?

Account Manager:

What are your strategies in delivering high standards of service to customers? In your most recent role, did you identify strategies that the organisation could have implemented to improve their service to customers?

This position requires extensive interaction with customers. What type of customers do we deal with and can deal with in the future? What are the typical issues you would expect to be discussing with them?

Transport Officer:

How would you approach a situation with stakeholders where you advise them of changes to important legislation in the areas of compliance and road safety and they are resistant to several of the changes you have stipulated?

What has been the most complex investigation you have undertaken and how did you deal with any challenges encountered throughout the process?

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Annie Cerone