Career coaching is a must in this competitive job market. Have the following questions crossed your mind lately?

  • Do you want to change careers from one field to another? For example, are you a tradesman who has been working on the tools and now wants to target customer service roles across a variety of industries; or a Finance Director who has worked in the private sector and now wants to target roles as teacher in the educational sector.
  • Do you want to change from one industry sector to another in your field? For example, private to government, or tertiary to not-for-profit.
  • Do you want to progress and move upward in your field in which you hold current or recent experience? For example, moving from line management up to a middle management role.
  • Do you want to go back into a field in which you worked that dated back over 10 years ago?

If you answered yes to any of the questions, this Strategic Career Coaching Service is for you!

I work in collaboration with you to plan your move and guide you through each step. I use a holistic approach by listening carefully to what you say (and do not say), picking up on nuances that can be big telling signs; assessing your employability skills, strengths, job-related likes and dislikes; evaluating job market conditions (for example, if you are looking to change careers and move into a certain field, and research indicates this is an area that is highly saturated, I advise accordingly); and instructing whether further education/studies would serve you well.

Please note: I do not use psychometric measurement tools.

Contact me to discuss further and request pricing which can vary depending on how many coaching sessions are needed; sometimes as little as two will do the job to help steer you forward.