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FREE Selection Criteria Samples | APS Workforce Scheduler

My client gained a job interview after having applied for the role of Workforce Scheduler in an APS/Federal Government department. A total of four criteria required addressing, each with a 400 word length limit. Following is a full excerpt of one of the selection criteria. High level verbal and written communication skills including the ability to compose clear, accurate and professional documentation. An important part [...]

Government Jobs | Commonwealth, State & Territory Jobs Search Sites

Find following Government jobs search sites at Commonwealth, State and Territory levels. ~ Commonwealth/APS Government jobs: ~ QLD Government jobs: ~ NSW Government jobs: ~ ACT Government jobs: ~ VIC Government jobs: ~ SA Government jobs: ~ WA Government jobs: ~ NT Government jobs: ~ TAS Government jobs: I’m here to help market you! Cheers, Annie [...]

FREE Selection Criteria Responses | Paralegal APS Government

This client applied for the role of Paralegal within an APS Government department and was successful in gaining a job interview. A two-page document addressing selection criteria/competencies was required covering five key areas, including aptitude and experience; research and advice; drive, judgment and organisation; working relationships; and communication. Following are full excerpts of two of the five selection criteria. Working Relationships. Working at my virtual [...]

FREE Selection Criteria Examples | APS Workforce Analyst

This particular client applied for the role of Workforce Analyst in an APS Government department and was successful in going through to the job interview stage. A total of five selection criteria required to be addressed; following are part excerpts from two of the criteria. Demonstrated high level communication skills including the ability to influence stakeholders at all levels. My influencing skills are demonstrated through [...]

Job Interview Tips | Phone Interviews: What You Need to Know

Meagan Weekes is a guest contributor to my Blog. She has written an interesting article outlining key tips to help you in phone interviews. Enjoy the read… Phone interviews are perhaps the trickiest of them all. Despite the fact that you can technically take a phone interview in your most unkempt state, since your potential employer would not even know if birds were nesting in [...]

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Resume Writing Strategy | Best Resume Tips for 2018

Let me introduce you to Jade Anderson who is a guest blogger. Jade has written a strong article outlining some of the best resume tips to use in your resume writing strategy for 2018. A resume/CV is and has always been the most important tool in the search for a job. Resumes are the first point of contact between you and the recruiter. Resumes are [...]

FREE Selection Criteria Answers | Administration Team Leader

This particular client applied for the role of Administration Team Leader within State (QLD) Government – specifically, in Queensland Health – and was successful in going through to the job interview stage, was offered and accepted the role. Following are part excerpts from two of the five selection criteria which required to be addressed in a two-page cover letter format. Planning and Prioritisation: Planning, prioritising [...]

FREE Selection Criteria Samples | Advisor (Commonwealth Games)

This particular repeat business client applied for the role of Advisor for the Commonwealth Games in a State (QLD) Government department which resulted in an interview. A two-page statement was requested to address five selection criteria/capabilities/competencies. Following are full excerpts of two of the criteria. Communicates clearly. I use well-developed verbal and written communication skills when liaising with TTT’s External Affairs team; they regularly deal [...]

Resume Writing Tips | Transforming Responsibilities and Skills into High Impact Achievement-Based Statements

I have been veering well away from developing boring responsibility-based resumes and eliminating repetition from job-to-job when overhauling clients’ resumes. Instead, I apply a lateral thinking approach in drawing out outcomes or achievements in relation to the responsibility performed and categorising and showcasing these statements under key skill areas. Where a particular responsibility cannot be drawn out to indicate an achievement/outcome, then my primary objective [...]

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Job Interview Process | Power of Positive Body Language

Rissen-Harrisberg is a prominent body language expert who claims 93% of a message is delivered through body language, facial expression, vocal tone and inflections. Non Verbal: 55% what the interviewer(s) sees and 38% what they hear. Verbal: 7% what you say. Dr Jurgen Ruesch is Professor of Psychiatry at the University of California who posits that we communicate by means of approximately 700,000 different nonverbal [...]

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